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Basic Weapon Controls

Common Weapon Controls

Xボタン:X Button

・Draw your weapon
・Basic Attack

Aボタン:A Button

・Basic Attack

Yボタン:Y Button

・Sheathe your weapon
In addition to the above, other buttons or combination of buttons can perform a variety of different actions. Long-range weapons can be drawn with Xボタン and can be fired by pressing either Aボタン or Rボタン, depending on the type.

If you're using a heavy weapon, press Bボタン after an attack to perform an evade and cancel your attack's recovery time!

Special Jumping Attacks

Jumping Attacks from a Ledge

Press Xボタン while jumping to perform a Jumping Attack with your weapon.

Attacking after Being Launched by a Partner

Certain attacks fellow hunters can perform will launch you into the air and allow you to perform Jumping Attacks.

Jumping Attacks using the Trampoline

Palicoes and Prowlers can lay down trampolines that, when touched, will send you flying into the air and give you a chance to perform Jumping Attacks.

Jumping Attacks after a Boost Jump

You can perform Jumping Attacks by using a Forward Jump or Aerial Dodge to jump on monsters.


Training Quests, available at village Quest Counters, will teach you about weapons and Hunting Styles. There are preset Quests for different weapons and Hunting Styles, so you can try out different techniques. You can also learn how to use Hunter Arts during Training Quests.

I may be the best, but you don't have to pay to learn from me -- all Training Quests are free! Now get out there and LEARN!

Weapon Controls

You can check how to use any weapon and recommended combos in the Weapon Controls section of your Hunter's Notes.

You can even look at the Weapon Controls during a Quest! Handy, eh?

Weapon Controls
Basic Weapon Controls

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