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Undertaking Quests

How to Undertake Quests

The Hunter's Guild and Wycademy only entrust Quests to hunters who they know can get the job done. There won't be a lot of Quests available to you in the beginning, but as you complete the first batch of Quests, you will be recognized by the Guild and granted more Quests to undertake.

Quests with the word "Advanced" before their names are Quests that the Guild or the Wycademy considers especially dangerous.

Visit the Quest Counter

You can undertake Quests by going to the Quest Counter in a village or the Hunters Hub. The village Quest Counter is for single player Quests only, so if you want to play with other hunters, sign up for Quests at the Hunters Hub.

Once you're all signed up, head to the Departure Gate and press Aボタン to depart on the Quest.

Urgent Quests/Quest Level

After completing certain Quests, very important Quests known as Urgent Quests will become available to you. Complete these Quests to gain more trust from the Guild, and earn the right to take on even more difficult Quests.

Quest difficulty levels are represented by the number of stars for each level. In the beginning, you'll only have low difficulty Quests, but you can unlock more Quests by completing Urgent Quests.

Viewing Quest Details

You can view Quest details at the Quest Counter.
Check the Quest details before departing on a Quest to make sure you're aware of the objectives and Quest conditions.

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Main Objective

Fulfilling the Main Objective successfully completes the Quest and returns you to the village or the Hunters Hub.


Complete a Subquest to receive additional rewards. By completing the Quest's Subquest, you have the option to return to town without penalty; however, the Quest will not be considered complete until you have fulfilled the Main Objective. Whenever you want to return to town with only the Subquest fulfilled, select End via Subquest from the menu.

Unstable Environment

If a Quest's environment is considered unstable, there's a chance that a monster not listed in the Quest description may show up. Hunt that monster to get even more rewards, called a Free Hunt bonus.


The hunting ground where the Quest will take place. Some locales have extreme conditions that can affect a hunter's Health or Stamina, so be sure to stock up on necessary items before departing on the Quest.


The amount of time in which a Quest must be completed before it is considered a failure.


The amount of money the client is offering for the completion of the Quest.


The amount of money required to undertake the Quest. This money is lost if you fail the Quest, but multiplied if you complete it successfully.

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Quest Lv.

Represents the Quest's difficulty level. The more stars, the more difficult the Quest is.

Main Monsters

Monsters confirmed to appear during the Quest.


Special conditions required to undertake the Quest.


Conditions that will result in the failure of the Quest. If there is more than one condition, meeting even one will result in your hunter failing the Quest.

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The character that sent the Quest request to the Guild or Wycademy.


A background summary on the request that may include hints on how to complete the Quest.

Undertaking Quests
Quest Rules
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