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Village Facilities

As you progress through the single player story and visit all the villages, you'll notice that each village has a facility that no other village has.

Melding Pot

By using Wycademy Points or Hyper Hunter items, you can create new Talismans.

Melding Talismans

Choose 3 specific Talismans and the appropriate Hyper Hunter item to create new Talismans. Melding takes place while you're out on a Quest, so be sure to come back and pick up your Talismans after a hunt. You can commission up to three melding requests at one time.

Yukumo Footbath

In Yukumo Village, you can rest your feet in the popular Yukumo Footbath. Once you take care of some troubles that the Yukumo villagers have, you can use the footbath and socialize with the villagers.

Mystery Cave

You can travel to Pokke's Mystery Cave by talking to the Cave Cattendant. Once you have satisfied certain conditions, you'll be able to mine materials from the gigantic sword sleeping inside the cave.

Hero's Blade

The Hero's Blade lies somewhere in Kokoto Village. It's said to be a legendary sword once wielded by the village's hero.

Village Moofahs

You'll find Moofahs near the Bherna village entrance, as well as in the Palico Ranch. If you approach one, you'll be able to pet it. The more you pet it, the more affectionate the Moofah will become towards you. Sometimes you might get items from petting them, so go make friends!

Village Facilities
The People of Bherna and the Wycademy
Basic Town Facilities
Felyne Bistro/Canteen
Your House
Village Facilities
The Hunters Hub
Interacting with Villagers

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