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Useful Items

When going up against strong monsters, having various items at your disposal is just as important as having knowledge and skills. Here's a list of a few of the items that will be available to you.


Restores some of your hunter's Health. Potions are essential items when hunting, so make sure you're always fully-stocked when going out on a Quest.

Cool Drink

Provides relief from extreme heat and stops Health from dropping. Bring some of these before venturing into hot areas.

Hot Drink

Provides relief from extreme cold and stops Stamina loss. Bring some of these before venturing into cold areas.


Restores Sharpness to melee weapons. Repeatedly using melee weapons will dull their Sharpness, so sharpen them regularly.


A monster's location will be displayed on the map for a set time if they are hit by this. Paint Shots have the same effect.

Shock/Pitfall Traps

Traps that are used to temporarily immobilize monsters. These traps don't always work, however. They cannot be used on certain terrain, and their efficacy varies depending on the type of monster that enters the trap and the monster's condition at the time.

Barrel Bombs/Large Barrel Bombs

You can do lots of damage to monsters by using Barrel Bombs. But be careful where you set them; your fellow hunters can take damage if they're caught in the blast radius. There are two types of barrel bombs: a smaller type that detonates after a certain period of time, and a larger type that detonates upon impact.

Flash Bomb

Throw this at a monster's face to temporarily blind it, making it fall from the sky or otherwise giving you the opportunity to attack. However, depending on the monster, Flash Bombs might only cause it to grow more violent, instead.

Sonic Bomb

Throw this to send out a high-frequency sound that renders certain monsters defenseless. It can also be used to lure out monsters that lurk beneath the ground.


A berry that can cure various Blights. Use a Nulberry when you are infected with the Frenzy to slow its effects.

Well-done Steak

Replenishes a hunter's Stamina and can also be used to recover from the Bleeding status effect.

Affinity Oil

A Sword & Shield-exclusive item that raises a weapon's Affinity when used.

Giving and Receiving Items

You can give or receive items during Multiplayer that have a Rarity of 3 or lower.
From the menu, select the item you want to give from your Item Pouch, select Give, and then select the receiving player.

Useful Items
Combining Items

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