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Hunting Large Monsters

General Characteristics of Monsters


A monster's Stamina can be drained with certain actions and attacks. When a monster is tired, it will begin to slaver and its attacks will become weaker. Use this opportunity to strike. Eventually it will try to replenish its Stamina by looking for food, but some monsters can be stopped by using items such as Tinged Meat, giving you an opening to attack.

Special Attacks

From fiery breath to restraining maneuvers, there is a wide range of attacks that monsters will use against you. Equip armor and bring items that will help you defend against such attacks.
If a monster catches you with a restraining attack, a gauge will appear on the Touch Screen. Mash buttons and rotate スライドパッド in order to run down the gauge and escape. Alternatively, Dung Bombs are effective in freeing yourself from these types of attacks.


You can view a monster's Threat rating in the Monster List in the Hunter's Notes. When there are multiple monsters in the same area, the monster with the lower Threat rating will flee the area if it is hit with a Dung Bomb.

Abnormal Statuses

You can use certain weapons and items to inflict monsters with Abnormal Statuses. However, monsters gradually adapt, so the effects will decrease if you repeatedly hit a monster with the same Abnormal Status. Some monsters even have natural resistances to certain types of Abnormal Statuses.


Poison causes the monster's Health to gradually decrease over a period of time. Monsters that are poisoned will continue to take damage until the effect wears off, even if they are out of a hunter's attack range.


Paralysis causes the monster to become completely immobilized for a period of time. While the effects don't last long, paralyzing a monster gives you a great advantage as it renders the monster defenseless.


Sleep makes the monster become drowsy and fall asleep. Any attack will wake the monster up, but since they don't see it coming, your attack will do much more damage than normal.


Stun makes the monster fall to the ground, rendering it defenseless until it gets back up. You can stun a monster by hitting it with certain attacks, such as a string of blunt attacks to the head.

Stun (Blinded)

A monster is temporarily blinded when hit in the face with a bright flash, decreasing its attack accuracy. Some monsters are invulnerable to being stunned by flashes.

Capturing Monsters

How to Capture a Monster

1. Weaken the monster

Monsters can't be captured while they are in peak condition. They must be weakened so they are easier to trap. When a monster's Health is low, it will start to limp and attempt to flee. This is your chance to trap it.

2. Snare the monster in a trap

Use a Shock Trap or Pitfall Trap to hinder the monster's movement.

3. Tranquilize the monster

Hit an immobilized monster with Tranq Bombs or Tranq Shots to incapacitate it, and the capture is a success. But be careful: A monster can't be tranquilized if they haven't been weakened enough or if they are still moving.
Press Yボタン to throw a Tranq Bomb at your feet, or use スライドパッド and press Yボタン to throw it far.

Hyper Monsters

What are Hyper Monsters?

Hyper Monsters are monsters that are in an extreme state due to a mysterious cause.

These monsters have a black vapor covering parts of their bodies, indicating that these parts are extremely dangerous. During a Quest, this black vapor will travel from one body part to another, so make sure to keep tabs on it.

Attacking the parts covered in the black vapor causes the Hunter Art gauge to increase quickly, so aiming for those parts may be dangerous, but at the same time it is also advantageous to you.

Hyper Monster Quests

Yellow arrows around a monster's icon indicate that it is a Hyper Monster.

Undertaking Quests
Quest Rules
Quest Types
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Hunting Large Monsters
Special Hunting Equipment

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