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Palico Statuses

Support Biases

Support Biases dictate what kind of abilities a Palico has. Each Palico has their own Support Bias.

Palico Support Biases determine what kind of attacks and Support Moves a Palico excels at. For instance, a Palico with the Bombing Bias will favor bomb-based attacks and Support Moves.

Support Moves

While Palicoes and Prowlers cannot use items during a Quest, they can perform special actions. Support Moves come in a variety of types; some are offensive in nature, while others heal or support your friends.

Support Moves can be equipped from the Palico Board once they have been learned.

Learning Support Moves
- Have a Palico capable of learning a Support Move participate in a Quest
- Slay or capture the appropriate monster
- The Support Move will be unlocked, including for all other Palicoes

Palico Skills

Palicoes can learn special Palico Skills. Palico Skills generally affect only the Palico equipped with them, and give bonuses such as increased Health or Attack power.

Palicoes may equip Palico Skills from the Palico Board.

Learning Palico Skills
- Raise a Palico who can learn it to the indicated level
- The Palico Skill will be unlocked, including for all other Palicoes


The higher a Palico's level, the higher its Health, Attack, and Enthusiasm. A Palico can use more Support Moves and Palico Skills as their level increases.


High Enthusiasm gives your Palico bonuses when performing actions and using facilities. You can recover Enthusiasm by resting in a village or eating a meal.

Palico Equipment

Palicoes can equip weapons, and head and body armor. You can forge equipment for your Palico at the Palico Armory. To forge this equipment, you'll need special items called Scraps.


Scraps are used to forge equipment for your Palico. You will sometimes acquire scraps when you forge or upgrade hunter equipment and complete Prowler-specific Quests, or you can exchange materials directly for scraps. The Meownster Hunters can also obtain scraps as rewards.

Palicoes and Prowlers
Palicoes during a Quest
Prowlers during a Quest
Palico Facilities
Meownster Hunters

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