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The Hunters Hub

The Hub

The Hunters Hub is where players gather via local wireless or the Internet to embark on Quests.

Solo and Multiplayer

You can use the Hunters Hub when offline or online, but features and the number of people who can join will be different.

*The kinds of Quests you can undertake will always be the same.


Tackle Quests by yourself. You can bring up to two Palicoes with you, and Hunters for Hire will appear in the Hunters Hub.


Tackle quests with other players.
If you have 2 players or less on a Quest, each player may bring one Palico with them.

You can change your online status by tapping the Hunters Hub button on the World Map, located on the Touch Screen, or by selecting Multiplayer from the menu.

For more information, please see "Setting up Local Play" and "Setting up Online Multiplayer".

Guild Manager

When you visit the Hunters Hub for the first time, you'll need to register with the Guild. Talk to the Guild Manager near the
entrance to the Hunters Hub to get this process started.

Quest Counter

At the Hunters Hub Quest Counter, you can choose from a variety of different Quests. Post your own Quests for others to join, or join someone else's Quest.

At the Hunters Hub Quest Counter, you can sign up for Low-rank, High-rank, and Special Permit Quests. After talking with the Guild Manager and joining the Guild, you'll be able to take on Low-rank Quests. Complete Low-rank Quests to raise your Hunter Rank (HR) and be granted permission to tackle High-rank Quests. If you don't raise your HR, then you cannot join High-rank Quests. Additionally, you can't join Special Permit Quests or High-rank Quests if you don't meet certain conditions.

There is also an Arena Quest Counter that offers special Challenge Quests, which must first be downloaded from the Internet.

Quest Board

Search the Quest Board for Quests that other players have posted (only available in the Online Hunters Hub).

Felyne Bistro and Canteen

You can have a meal at the Bistro found in each village, or the Canteen in the Hunters Hub.

In the Online Hunters Hub, you have access to the same level of meals as the person with the highest level facilities. The higher the facility level, the more effective a meal is.

Using a Voucher will allow other players in the Hunters Hub to eat for free.

Hunters for Hire

When you receive Guild Cards from StreetPass or by playing online, these players will sometimes show up in the offline Hunters Hub as Hunters for Hire. If you pay them to go on Quests for you, you'll get rewards back based on how well they fared.


Hunters for Hire will depart on their Quest while you're on your Quest. By increasing the number of hunters you assign to the Quest, you can increase your odds of getting better items. Once you send out one group of Hunters for Hire, you cannot send out another until the original group has returned and you have claimed your reward.

Quest Results

Hunters for Hire will return to the Offline Hunters Hub after you complete two Quests.
*Does not include Gathering Quests.

The hunters you send out on a Quest will succeed or fail, and the rewards you get from them will reflect that.

Sometimes they'll do better than expected, and will have more rewards or rare rewards for you.

Checking and Setting up Hunters for Hire

You can check on the Hunters for Hire by touching the Hire button located on the World Map. You can also adjust the Quest bias for these hunters. You can adjust settings for Quest Rank, Locale, and Objective. What you can set these categories to will increase as you progress through the story.
*For Quest Ranks marked as Advanced, you cannot set the Locale or Objective.

Changes to Quest bias will not be reflected immediately. After going out on a Quest yourself, the Hunters for Hire will have new Quests that match the new setting.

Secrets to Success

Increasing the fee you pay to the Hunters for Hire will increase the number of hunters that go out on a Quest, and will help your odds. The HR of the Hunters for Hire that participate in the quest also affects your odds.

Sometimes a hunter that you have high Unity with will appear as a Hunter for Hire, and an icon to indicate this will show up on the Touch Screen. When this happens, your odds are increased even higher.

Village Facilities
The People of Bherna and the Wycademy
Basic Town Facilities
Felyne Bistro/Canteen
Your House
Village Facilities
The Hunters Hub
Interacting with Villagers

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