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Palico Facilities

Palico Ranch

At the Palico Ranch, you can find various facilities and characters: the Palico Scout, who you can hire Palicoes from; the Palico Dojo, where your Palicoes can take Lessons and undergo Special Training; and the Trader, who you can gain items from.

Palico Board

The Palico Board can be used to switch to and from Prowler Mode, choose which Palicoes to bring on a Quest, assign Support Moves and Palico Skills, and equip gear.

Switching Between Hunter and Prowler

Switch between Hunter and Prowler by selecting Switch Modes.
*If you do not have a Prowler selected, you cannot switch modes.

You can select which Palico to control as a Prowler by selecting Select Prowler.

Select Palico

You can bring up to two Palicoes with you on a Quest, even as a Prowler.

Support Moves

Palicoes can equip Support Moves, which can only be used while out on a Quest. To equip a Support Move, it must be learned first. While the number of Support Moves you can equip is limited at first, as your Palico grows, the number of Support Moves they can equip increases.

There are also special Support Moves that are fixed and uniqued to each Support Bias, called Innate Moves. While you cannot unequip these moves, they are special moves that work well with the related Support Bias.

Each Support Move uses a certain amount of the Support Gauge, indicated by the number to the right of each Support Move.

Innate Support Moves

Support Moves that are locked for each Support Bias are indicated by a red E icon.

Equipped Support Moves

Currently equipped Support Moves are indicated by a yellow E icon.

Unlearned Support Moves

Support Moves that haven't been learned are indicated by a key icon, and cannot be equipped.

Palico Skills

Equip Palico Skills that give you special effects while out on a Quest. You can only equip Palico Skills that have been learned. Palico Skills require empty Memory Slots to equip.

Equipped Palico Skills

Currently equipped Palico Skills are marked with a yellow E icon.

Unlearned Palico Skills

Palico Skills that haven't been learned are indicated by a key icon, and cannot be equipped.

Training Palicoes

Palicoes can train at the Palico Ranch. While training, Palicoes will earn experience when the player is out on a Quest.

Palicoes will gain more experience from training when their Enthusiasm is high. Continued training, however, gradually decreases their Enthusiasm, thus decreasing the amount of experience they earn.

Palicoes with low Enthusiasm will not train effectively and gain almost no effect, so make sure to let them rest for a while.

Only Palicoes who are on Standby can undergo training.

Dismissing Palicoes

You can dismiss a Palico in your stable. Palicoes you dismiss are gone forever, so think carefully before letting them go!

- Palicoes obtained from friends or re-downloading will have their level and equipment reset.

Palico Scout

The Palico Scout will allow you to hire Palicoes, search for Palicoes based on your preferences, and also has special Palicoes, such as those obtained via download.

Hiring Palicoes

After embarking on one Quest, six Palicoes will be scouted for you.
*Certain Quests do not count towards a round of scouting.

You can check the appearance and abilities of your Palico before hiring them. If you do not have enough money or empty slots available, you cannot hire a Palico. You can get more slots by dismissing unneeded Palicoes.

Scout a Palico

The Palico Scout will search for Palicoes based on your preferences. You can search by either looks or abilities.

Scout by Abilities

Scout by Abilities lets you scout for Palicoes based on their Support Bias and the size of monsters they will focus their attacks on during a Quest.

Scout by Looks

Scout by Looks lets you scout for Palicoes based on the color of their coats, the shape of their eyes, ears, and tails, and the sound of their voices.

Scout Biases

Each village's Palico Scout has a Scout Bias that affects the kind of Palicoes they bring you.

For example, the Recovery Scout Bias will turn out Palicoes that have more healing-related Support Moves and Palico Skills than average.

Hire a Special Palico

There are special Palicoes that are available via download or from extra data bonuses. If you dismiss one of these Palicoes, they can still be re-hired, but their level will be reset.

Palico Dojo

At the Palico Dojo, you can have your Palicoes take Lessons or undergo Special Training. During Lessons, Palicoes will teach other Palicoes their Support Moves and Palico Skills. Special Training lets Palicoes rest and train to increase their effectiveness.


Lessons let you choose a Palico to be a Master, who can teach one Support Move or Palico Skill that it knows to up to three Students.

If you have no more slots for a Pupil or a Palico has already learned a skill, they cannot learn the skill being taught.

Support Move Lesson

Support Moves that have been learned can be taught to other Palicoes.
*Innate Moves cannot be taught.

Palico Skill Lesson

Teach another Palico a learned Palico Skill.

Forget a Move/Skill

If you have no room to learn a Support Move or Palico Skill, making them forget another Move or Skill will free up space.

Special Training

Special Training lets Palicoes engage in Intense Training to gain more experience than normal Training, Catnap to refresh their Enthusiasm, and do Meditation to change what size of monster they focus their attacks on.

Up to three Palicoes can learn undergo Special Training at the same time, but Lessons cannot be held at the same time.

Intense Training

Palicoes who undertake Intense Training will earn a lot of experience. While continuing the training gradually will raise its effectiveness, they can only continue for so long until their Enthusiasm drops.

If you hand over a Training Guide, they can earn even more experience. This effect lasts until their training is complete, so make the most of each Training Guide by having the Palico train for a long period of time.


A Catnap will greatly replenish a Palico's Enthusiasm level, but no higher than its max Enthusiasm.


Meditation will change what type of monsters a Palico will target. There is a scale of five different Target preferences, with Small Only at one end and Large Only at the other. The time it takes to complete Meditation is determined by the difference between the levels.


At the Trader, you can increase the number of items you have and trade Wycademy Points for special items not available at the Market. This is also where you deliver items to fulfill Villager Requests.

Order Items

Send Palicoes out on Trading requests to increase your item stockpile. The items you can increase are pre-determined, and trading requires Wycademy Points.

You can also request multiple rounds of Trading for each item you request. After you return from a Quest, you'll be able to pick up your items.
*Certain Quests do not count towards finishing a round of trades.

Your Trading Odds change depending on the items you choose and the level and Enthusiasm of your Palico. Higher Odds may net you more items. If you're lucky, you might end up with some rare items as well!

Browse Wares

You can use Wycademy Points to buy a number of different items that the Trader has obtained in his business dealings. They include rare and unusual items that are unobtainable from the Market.

Trade Goods

The variety of Trade Goods available increases as you progress through the game, and the selection also changes after every Quest. You might even be lucky enough to catch a sale, when everything goes for half price.

Special Goods

Special Goods is a collection of special items whose selection increases as you progress through the game. Unfortunately, sales do not apply to any of these items.

Limited Goods

Limited Goods allows you to trade Wycademy Points for Guild Card titles and backgrounds, as well as costumes for your pets. Once you purchase one, it will no longer show up in the Trader's selection.

Special Permits

Special Permits allows you to trade Wycademy Points for tickets that are required for participating in certain Quests.

Villager Requests

As you progress through the story, you'll receive requests from villagers. Deliver the requested items to expand your facilities or receive items as a reward.

You can check up on your requests via the Trader or by checking your Request Log in your Hunter's Notes.


You can raise the odds of a successful trade by giving your Palico a Lagniapple as a tip. Lagniapples can be obtained during Quests in specific areas, or as a reward from a Prowler Quest or Meownster Hunter Expedition.

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