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Talismans and Decorations


In addition to weapons and armor, hunters can equip one Talisman. Talismans come with Skill Points and can be used to supplement armor Skill Points to help you activate skills.

Acquiring Talismans

Talismans can be found during a Quest or can be part of a Quest reward when you appraise them. When this happens they are called "Charms." At the rewards screen, Charms are appraised to reveal what kind of Talisman they are and what Skill Points they possess.


Decorations are unique jewels that contain Skill Points. Weapons and armor can have one or more spaces called "slots" where Decorations, such as Steadfast Jewels and Attack Jewels, can be attached. Place Decorations into available slots to get extra Skill Points.

Some Decorations require more slots than others. Decorations can't be attached to a weapon or piece of armor if there aren't enough empty slots.

Acquiring Decorations

Decorations, like weapons and armor, can be forged at the Smithy if you have the proper materials.

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Talismans and Decorations

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