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Quest Types

Different Quests have different objectives, such as hunt a specific monster or gather and deliver a certain number of a specific item.

Hunting-type Quests

Slaying Quests

Slaying Quests are Quests where the Main Objective is to slay the monsters indicated. While there are a lot of times when you'll have to slay small monsters, you'll also be asked to hunt much more dangerous ones.
Some monsters may also flee from the Quest when they have sustained a certain amount of damage. If this happens, the monster will be considered repelled and the Quest will count as a success.

Capture Quests

Capture Quests require you to capture a monster alive. Accidentally slaying the monster will result in failing the Quest. To capture a monster, you'll need special items such as traps and Tranq Bombs.

Hunting Quests

Hunting Quests don't require a specific hunting method. Either slaying or capturing the target will result in successfully completing the Quest. There are also Quests that will ask you to hunt multiple large monsters.

Gathering-type Quests

Gathering Quests require you to deliver the requested items to the Delivery Box.
There are also Quests that give you Wycademy Points if you deliver special Account Items. Egg transport Quests and more dangerous Quests are also available, so make sure to be prepared.

In a Harvest Tour Quest, you can spend your time freely gathering materials or hunting monsters. Delivering the Paw Pass Ticket to the Delivery Box will end the Quest and send you back to a village.

Prowler Quests

Certain Quests are only available as a Prowler.

Arena Quests

Arena Quests are Special Quests available at the Hunters Hub by talking to the Arena Instructor. Use the items and equipment provided to take down monsters as quickly as possible.

Event Quests

Event Quests feature special rewards or more challenging monsters. You can find these Quests in the Hunters Hub.
*Posting an Event Quest requires you to download the Quest first.

Challenge Quests

Take on Challenge Quests by talking to the Arena Instructor located in the Hunters Hub. Challenge Quests differ from standard Arena Quests.
*Posting an Arena Quest requires you to download the Quest first.

Training Quests

Training Quests are special Quests that you can accept from a village's Quest Counter. These Quests will help you learn the basics about controls and weapons.

There are three types of Training Quest:
1. Basic controls when playing as a Hunter
2. Weapons, Hunting Styles, and Hunter Arts basics
3. Basic controls when playing as a Prowler

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Hunting Large Monsters
Special Hunting Equipment

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