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Touch Screen during Quests

Basic Panels

Some actions can be performed using the panels displayed on the Touch Screen during a Quest. You can also customize the Touch Screen Panels.

Camera Controls

Adjust the camera in the same way as using 十字ボタン.


Displays your current position. Under certain circumstances, it will also display the position of large monsters.

Item Pouch/Item Shortcuts

Use this panel to consume items. (You can customize which items are set.)

Kick/Special Attack

・Default: Kick
・With weapon drawn: Special Attack

Target Cam

How to use the Target Cam
When a monster spots you, an icon will appear on this panel. When you touch the icon, the Target Cam will turn on and you can press Lボタン to focus the camera on the monster. (Pressing Lボタン twice will reset the camera behind you.)

Not Spotted

The Target Cam cannot be used while you remain unseen by the monster.


Once you're spotted, the option to turn the Target Cam on will become available. When there are two monsters, you can choose to target either one.

Hunter Search

Displays the number of people playing Monster Hunter Generations around you.
*Only available when offline.


Opens the chat menu.
*Only available when online.

Support Move Panel/Panel Sets

Perform Support Moves using the Touch Panel.

Hunter Arts Panel

Perform Hunter Arts using the Hunter Arts panels located on the Bottom Screen. Attacking a monster fills up the Hunter Arts Gauge. The gauge's status is indicated by its color.

Hunter Arts Gauge: Yellow

The Hunter Arts Gauge is not completely full. You cannot perform a Hunter Art even if you touch the panel.

Hunter Arts Gauge: Red

The Hunter Arts Gauge is full. Touch the panel to perform the move.

Hunter Arts Gauge: Blue

The Hunter Art is active; touching the panel again won't perform the move a second time.

Village/Hub: Controls
Village/Hub: Display
Controls during Quests
Top Screen during Quests
Touch Screen during Quests
Terrain-based Controls

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