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Bringing Palicoes on a Quest

Palicoes can join you on Quests to help you hunt monsters and gather items.

Registering Palicoes

To take Felynes with you on a Quest as Palicoes, you must add them as Palicoes from the Palico Board in your house or at the Palico Ranch.

Up to two Palicoes can follow you at a time.

Single and Multiplayer

The number of Palicoes you can bring with you on a Quest depends on the mode you're playing.

- Single Player: Up to two Palicoes at a time
- Multiplayer (2 players): One Palico each
- Multiplayer (3 players or more): No Palicoes

Recruiting and Dismissing Sub Palicoes

You can scout and dismiss Palicoes during the game.


Palicoes can be scouted by talking to the Palico Scout located in each village.

You can also choose to have a Palico Scout search for Palicoes with specific criteria.

In addition to Palicoes hired from the Palico Scout, there are also Palicoes that can be received via StreetPass, directly from other players, or via download.

*The total number of Palicoes you can hire increases as you progress through the game.
*Your Palico's level will increase as you progress through the game.


You can dismiss Palicoes via the Palico Board found in your house or the Palico Ranch, or by selecting Palicoes in the Start Menu. After you dismiss a Palico, you'll never see it again.

- Palicoes that are re-downloaded or re-obtained from friends will have their level and equipment reset.
- You can also dismiss Palicoes by talking to the Meowstress at the Palico Ranch, or the Palico Scouts in the other villages.

Palicoes and Prowlers
Palicoes during a Quest
Prowlers during a Quest
Palico Facilities
Meownster Hunters

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