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Set up StreetPass to automatically receive items such as Guild Cards and Palicoes from other players.
*Receiving StreetPass data requires other people to have set up StreetPass as well.

Guild Cards

View the Guild Cards you've received. Up to 50 Guild Cards can be stored at once, and the ones you wish to keep can be registered to your card list.

Special Permits

Check how many Special Permits and points you have.

Points are displayed by a bar on the Touch Screen, and increase as you StreetPass with people. Once you reach a certain level, you'll receive a Special Permit. However, you cannot receive points for a Special Permit Quest you haven't unlocked, and you cannot carry more than 99 Special Permits of the same kind.


See Palicoes you've received. Up to 50 Palicoes can be stored, and you can choose which ones you want to hire. Depending on your game progress, the level of a Palico you've received may be reset to a certain level. Additionally, any Support Moves, Palico Skills, and equipment are reset.

StreetPass Setup

Activate or deactivate StreetPass.
*To deactivate StreetPass from the Nintendo 3DS system, go to Data Management in System Settings. Select StreetPass Management and then select the Monster Hunter Generations icon. Then select Deactivate StreetPass.

StreetPass Palico

Set which Palico you wish to send via StreetPass. Selected Palicoes will not be lost if they are sent out via StreetPass.

Village Facilities
The People of Bherna and the Wycademy
Basic Town Facilities
Felyne Bistro/Canteen
Your House
Village Facilities
The Hunters Hub
Interacting with Villagers

*Screen captures and images represent a version of the game still in development.
*3D effects can only be seen on an actual Nintendo 3DS System. Screen captures on this website were taken in 2D.
*3D effects may vary between individuals.

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