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The People of Bherna and the Wycademy

You are a hunter that has been employed by the Wycademy located near Bherna Village. You'll take on various requests and Quests from the Wycademy.

Bherna Chief

The chief of Bherna Village. The village's story progresses primarily by talking to him.

Bherna Gal

The girl who runs the Quest Counter in Bherna Village. She'll introduce you to a number of Quests.

Chief Researcher

A research member employed by the Wycademy. Out of all the researchers working for the Wycademy, he has the most knowledge about monsters.


A Wyverian girl who acts as the Palico Scout for the Palico Ranch in Bherna. She'll introduce you to Palicoes that can accompany you on Quests.


A Felyne that manages the Bistro in Bherna Village. She has a wild imagination when it comes to cooking up new meals for the Bistro.

Gourmew Chef

The cook that runs the Felyne Bistro in the Hunters Hub. He's always in the pursuit of delicious meals.

Guild Manager

A Wyverian that holds the title of Wycademy Researcher while also working as a Guild Manager for the Hunters Guild.

Master of Style

An instructor in Bherna who instructs hunters and develops Hunter Arts. He'll not only teach you the basics of hunting, but as the story progresses he'll teach you new Hunter Arts.

Village Facilities
The People of Bherna and the Wycademy
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Village Facilities
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Interacting with Villagers

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