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Playing Monster Hunter Generations


Monster Hunter Generations offers offline single player and online multiplayer.

Solo Play

Tackle Quests and experience the story of Monster Hunter Generations by yourself. Use the tutorials to brush up your skills, and take on increasingly difficult Quests.


Play with up to three other players via Local Play or Internet Play. When the game begins you will start off in single player mode. You can switch to multiplayer mode from the village.

Playing as a Prowler

You can control a Palico directly and tackle Quests in Prowler Mode. You can switch to and from Prowler Mode from the Palico Board.

Using the Hunter's Notes

Press STARTボタン and select Hunter's Notes to read up on info you've gathered so far and important hints.

Hunter Info contains basic information vital to your success as a hunter. Check this section if you're not sure about something.

New or updated information is marked "NEW."

Using Facility Help

Check the Help section to find out how to use the various facilities in each village. The Help section can be found on the Touch Screen after you talk to the character in charge of a facility.

Getting Started
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Playing Monster Hunter Generations
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