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Multiplayer Setup

What do you need to play Monster Hunter Generations with other players? We'll show you how to set everything up.
*During Local Play or Online Play, closing the system will cause the game to go into Sleep Mode, and your connection will be lost.

Local and Online Play

How you set up your multiplayer session depends on whether you're playing using Local Play or Online Play.

Play with People Nearby (Local Play)

You can play with people close to you via Local Play. Please visit the link below for more information on how to set up Local Play.

Play with People Far Away (Online Play)

You can play with people far away from you via Online Play. You will need a Wi-Fi network and your Internet Settings on your Nintendo 3DS system to be set up. Please visit the link below for more information on how to set up Online Play.
Sending a friend request to players you're playing with will make it easier to find their Hunters Hub during Online Play. For more information on how to send a friend request, please visit the links in the following two sections.

Searching for a Friend's Hunters Hub

Information on Online Play and the Friend List.

Exiting Online Play

Do any one of the following to end Local Play or Online Play.

・Return to Bherna Village
・Talk to the Flight Cattendant or use the World Map to travel to any village
・Touch the Hunters Hub button on the World Map and press Xボタン to switch your connection type
・Close the Nintendo 3DS system to go into Sleep Mode

Multiplayer Setup
Local Multiplayer
Online Multiplayer
Hunters Hub Quests
Ignoring/Blocking Players
Wireless Settings

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*3D effects may vary between individuals.

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