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Circle Pad Pro

Circle Pad Pro and the New Nintendo 3DS

This title is compatible with the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro, the Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro, and the ゼットエルボタン, ゼットアールボタン and C Stick on the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Note 1: Playing on the New Nintendo 3DS system does not require the use of the Circle Pad Pro.
Note 2: See the Circle Pad Pro Operations Manual for more details on how to use this accessory.

If the Right Circle Pad Is Not Working Correctly

If the system behaves as though the Right Circle Pad is being used even when you aren't touching it or if the controls don't seem to operate correctly, you will need to calibrate the Right Circle Pad by following the procedure below.

Step 1

Select Options from the main menu, and then select Calibrate Circle Pad Pro.

Step 2

Follow the instructions on the screen to calibrate the Right Circle Pad.

*To calibrate the Circle Pad on the system, use the calibration procedure in System Settings on the HOME Menu. For details, see your Operations Manual.
If the Circle Pad Pro accessory is not used for five minutes, it will enter standby mode. To end standby mode, press ゼットエルボタン or ゼットアールボタン.

Note: If the system enters Sleep Mode, end standby mode by pressing ゼットエルボタン or ゼットアールボタン on the Circle Pad Pro before exiting Sleep Mode on your system. If you exit Sleep Mode without doing so, the Circle Pad Pro attachment will be set to Off.

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Circle Pad Pro

*Screen captures and images represent a version of the game still in development.
*3D effects can only be seen on an actual Nintendo 3DS System. Screen captures on this website were taken in 2D.
*3D effects may vary between individuals.

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