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Other Abnormal Statuses

There are various non-elemental status ailments your hunter will face. Many of these ailments disappear after a set period of time, when you use certain items, or if you repeatedly press the system's buttons.

Poison/Noxious Poison/Deadly Poison

Your Health will steadily decrease over time. The poison will wear off after a period of time.
Some monsters have a more powerful version called Deadly Poison, which is stronger than Noxious Poison and steals life quickly.


Your hunter won't be able to move for a short time. Repeatedly press buttons to regain your senses.


Your hunter will fall to the ground and will be unable to move. The effect can be removed with a kick or hit, and wears off with time. You can also rapidly press any button to recover.


Your hunter will eventually become drowsy and then fall asleep. Any attack will wake your hunter up, or you can rapidly press any button to recover.


Your movements will become slower and restricted. Repeatedly press buttons to regain control.


Your hunter won't be able to use consumable items for a period of time. Wears off with time.


Certain monsters will latch onto you and sap your Health. Repeatedly evade to shrug them off.


An explosion will go off after a set period of time or if you receive a heavy blow. Repeatedly evade to recover.

The Frenzy

When certain monsters attack you, you can be infected with the Frenzy. When this happens, a gauge will appear below your name. When that gauge is full, you will be fully infected and the following will occur:
- Your natural ability to heal will be lost.
- You will receive much more damage from any Frenzy-powered attacks.

Overcome the Frenzy by continually attacking the monster before the gauge fills up. If you can overcome the Frenzy, your Affinity will increase.


Certain monsters have attacks that can cause Bleeding. When afflicted with Bleeding, you'll steadily lose Health. To recover, try crouching for a bit, eating a Well-done Steak or Sushifish, or sleeping in a bed.


Certain monsters have attacks that cover you in bubbles. The bubbles start off small and do no harm to you, but if the bubbles become too large, you'll be unable to attack and your footing will become slippery, making it hard to control your movements. Mash buttons and rotate スライドパッド to shorten your recovery time, or use a Cleanser to remove the bubbles.

Some bubbles are colored and have various effects on the player. Red bubbles will increase your Attack, while green bubbles will recover your Health.


Certain monsters have attacks that cause you to become confused. When this happens, your controls will be reversed.
This effect will wear off after a certain period of time or when you get hit by a powerful attack, but you can also eat a Bitterbug to recover immediately.

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Other Abnormal Statuses

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