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About Hunter Arts

Hunter Arts

Hunter Arts are big, dramatic moves that you can perform when you're out on a hunt.

Using Hunter Arts

You need to fill the Hunter Arts Gauge before you can perform a Hunter Art. This can be done best by attacking a monster. Once the gauge is completely full, the Arts Gauge on the Touch Screen will turn from yellow to red. Touch the gauge once it's red to perform the Hunter Art.

General and Weapon-specific Hunter Arts

There are weapon-exclusive Hunter Arts as well as universal ones. When you learn a new Hunter Art, you can check them at the Item Box in your house.

Learning Hunter Arts

By completing Quests or helping out villagers, the Master of Style will deem you worthy to learn new Hunter Arts. The Hunter Arts you start off with are just a portion of what you can use over time.

Hey, it's me! The Master of Style! So, you think you know how to hunt monsters? You don't know SQUAT! Come see me in Bherna and I'll teach you a thing or two!

Changing Hunter Arts

Hunter Arts can be changed at the Item Box located in your house or the Prep Area in the Hunters Hub.

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About Hunter Arts
Hunter Arts

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