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Game Menu/Saving

Title Menu

There are four choices available in the Main Menu:

New Game

Saving on the SD Card

Monster Hunter Generations saves all data to the SD card as extra data. To save your progress, at least 64 blocks of free space is required on the SD card. If you remove the SD card during play, you will not be able to save your data until you exit the game.

You will not be able to continue from previous save data if you perform the following actions:
- Use your game card on a different Nintendo 3DS system
- Format your SD card data
- Insert a different SD card
- Delete extra data via System Settings

*Save data is not backed up when using the digital download version.
*Selecting Format Save Data at the Options Screen will delete your save data. Deleted save data cannot be recovered.

Please do not repeatedly turn the system's power on and off, or remove the game card or SD card while the game is saving or loading data. Corrupted or lost data may occur due to damaged components, dirt, or input errors, so please handle your device with care.

Please refrain from using devices to edit data as it may cause the game to stop working correctly, or corrupt or delete your saved data.

In the event that you edit data, you will not be able to revert your data back to its original format.

*Data can only be reused from the same Monster Hunter Generations save data. You cannot reuse character data from different saved data, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, or other past titles.

New Game

Create a new character and start a new game.
Selecting New Game allows you to create a new character.
You can also create a new character from an existing character to inherit some of that character's inventory.


Enter a name for your character, up to a maximum of 10 characters.
Note: Certain characters cannot be used.

Your name can be seen by other players while online. Please note that you cannot change your name after you have completed character creation.

Gender and Appearance

Adjust aspects of your character's appearance, such as skin color, hair style, etc. Armor designs can vary between genders, and there is equipment exclusive to each gender.

Once the game begins, you will not be able to change your gender, face, or skin color. You can change your hair style, make up, and other features at the Item Box located in your house.


Choose a voice for your character. Press Yボタン to play the currently selected voice.

You cannot change your character's voice after the game has begun.

Hunting Styles and Arts

Select your starting Hunting Style and Hunter Art. The number of Hunter Arts you can use at once depends on your Hunting Style. You can change both at the Item Box located in your house.

Initial Touch Panel Settings

Choose your initial settings for the Touch Panel Display and the HUD. It's recommended that you use Type A if you are new to Monster Hunter. If you've played Monster Hunter before, you might find Type B more suitable for you. Panel settings can be changed at any time via Customize Panels.

Type A: For New Hunters

Type B: For Experienced Hunters

Save Data

There are three save slots available for your character. When you save your character into a slot once, it will always be saved to that slot. You can save your progress after every Quest, or by sleeping in the bed in your house. Always be sure to save when exiting the game.

Reusing Data

You can use existing character data to create a new character.

This allows you to create an entirely new character, including the option to change your name, gender, etc., without deleting the original character.
Note: If you overwrite your old save data, that data will be lost.

- Items up to Rarity 3 will carry over.
- Items, Weapons, Armor, and Palico Equipment that are not carried over will be converted to zenny and added to your total. Some of your zenny will then carry over.
- A portion of your Wycademy Points will carry over.
- Game progress will be reset, but any Training Quests you have cleared will carry over.
- Item Pack status will carry over. You cannot reclaim Item Packs you have already claimed once before, but you can still claim Item Packs that you have downloaded and not yet claimed.
- Wycademy Points, zenny, and Item bonuses from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate cannot be received again. However, Palicoes can be received again.
- Any Custom Panels or Shoutouts will carry over.

Note: You can only reuse your Monster Hunter Generations save data. You cannot use other save data, or data from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


Select save data and continue from where you last left off.


Set up the Circle Pad Pro, format your save data, turn 3D depth on/off, etc. Other in-game options are available via Options in the Start Menu after the game has started.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Connect to the Internet and download new Quests and other content.

*To download content, you must have set up your Nintendo 3DS system's Internet Settings. For more information, please refer to the Nintendo 3DS Operations Manual.

Claim Bonuses

If you have Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate extra data on your SD card, you can receive bonuses in-game.

Go to System Settings → Nintendo 3DS Data Management → Extra Data to check if you have extra data on your SD card. Please check your copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for more information on how to create extra data.

Receiving Bonuses

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Bonuses

Caligold, Sunsnug

Potion x 20, Mega Potion x 10
Honey x 30, Lifepowder x 10
Voucher x 10, Baby Journal x 12
Lagniapple x 10
5000 zenny, 5000 Wycademy Points

Sunsnug, Felyne, Furriend, Palico

Meownster Babies

How to Receive Bonuses

Select Claim Bonuses from New Game to check for extra data.
Note: You can claim bonuses even when using characters that have already been created.

Go to the Palico Scout or your Housekeeper to claim your bonuses. Titles and Guild Card backgrounds will be automatically added to your Guild Card.

Receiving Palicoes

You can hire special Palicoes from the Palico Scout. You cannot hire more than one of the same special Palico, but special Palicoes that you dismiss can be hired again later, at the cost of their statuses being reset.

Receiving Items, Zenny, and Wycademy Points

Select Claim Bonuses when talking to your Housekeeper located in your house to receive items, zenny, and Wycademy Points.

Note: You will not be able to claim any items, zenny, or Wycademy point bonuses related to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate if you are using a character that was created from reused data.
If you only have a portion of extra data, you can only claim some bonuses. By creating the remaining extra data and selecting Claim Bonuses again, you can claim the rest of the bonuses.

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