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Gathering Items/Carving

You can gather many useful items while on a hunt. Gathering points will vary by locale and Quest, but an icon will appear over certain stalks of grass, mushrooms, and other objects to indicate where you can gather. Press Aボタン at these points to start gathering. When you've slain a monster, you can carve materials from it by pressing Aボタン.

Some gathering points require specific items. If you don't have that specific item in your item pouch, you won't be able to gather from those points.

Gathering Points will respawn after a period of time. If you want to gather everything from one spot, hold down Aボタン to keep gathering.


If you have a Pickaxe, you can mine in areas that are rich in ore. Pickaxes can break during use, so it's a good idea to bring a few of them with you, or use a Mega Pickaxe, which lasts longer.

Catching Bugs

If you have a Bug Net, you can catch insects wherever you see them flying around. Bug Nets can break during use, so it's a good idea to bring a few of them with you, or use a Mega Bug Net, which lasts longer.


You can fish at fishing points when out in the wild. Cast your line by pressing Aボタン, even if you don't have any bait. When you do have bait, such as Worms, you can add it to your lure by selecting it from the Item Bar and pressing Yボタン. Once you've cast your lure, fish will begin to gather towards it. Wait until you see a fish pull the lure below the surface, then reel it in by pressing Aボタン.

Big-game Fishing

Head for water to try to catch some fish. If you happen to catch a big fish, a special gauge will appear on the screen. Rapidly press any button and rotate スライドパッド around to fill the gauge. If you can fill it within the time limit, you'll successfully fish out your catch.

Fishing Out Monsters

Sometimes you'll fish out monsters as well. Monsters can be fished out with certain bait or under specific conditions. Study up on each monster and try out various methods.

The Veggie Elder

The Veggie Elder that appears in some locales will sometimes give you presents. If you spot him, make sure to take the time to speak to him.

Sometimes when he's got something special in his Item Pouch, he'll offer to make a trade with you. However, not everything he has to trade is worth the price, so don't agree to a trade if you think you'll end up with the short end of the stick.

Undertaking Quests
Quest Rules
Quest Types
Special Permit
Hunting Large Monsters
Special Hunting Equipment

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