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Downloadable Content

Select Downloadable Content from the main menu, or from your Room Service, to connect to the Internet and download new Quests and other content.

*To download content, you must have set up your Nintendo 3DS system's Internet Settings. For more information, please refer to the Nintendo 3DS Operations Manual.

Download Menu

Content Previews

Check the latest info and read about upcoming content.


Download Quests. Select the Quests you want to download, and then press Xボタン to begin the download. Event Quests can be played from the Quest Counter in the Hunters Hub, while Challenge Quests can be played from the Arena.


Download special bonus Palicoes.
Select the Palicoes you wish to download, and then either press Xボタン or touch the Download button on the Touch Screen.

Downloaded Palicoes can be hired by talking to a Palico Scout and selecting Hire a Special Palico.

Item Packs

Download useful items to help you during a Quest. Press Xボタン to download all item packs that you haven't downloaded yet.

Item packs can be accessed by talking to Room Service in your house and selecting Downloadable Content, then Claim Items.


Download special titles and backgrounds for your Guild Card, and other bonuses. Press Lボタン and Rボタン to switch between categories, and then press left or right on 十字ボタン to flip through pages. Press Xボタン to download all items that you haven't downloaded yet.

Most downloaded bonuses can be purchased by going to the Trader, and selecting Browse Wares, then Limited Goods.

Other Online Features
Downloadable Content

*Screen captures and images represent a version of the game still in development.
*3D effects can only be seen on an actual Nintendo 3DS System. Screen captures on this website were taken in 2D.
*3D effects may vary between individuals.

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