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Equipment Statuses

Weapons and armor have various characteristics. Understanding what they are is vital in deciding what weapons and armor are best suited for your hunter. You can view equipment details in your Item Box, via the menu, or at the Smithy.

Weapon Status

Weapon Level

Your weapon's level.


Your weapon's attack power.


Additional Defense gained from equipping certain weapons.


The elemental damage a weapon inflicts.


A gauge that shows a weapon's Sharpness. A weapon's Sharpness decreases with use, and as it does, its icon will switch down through the colors displayed in the Sharpness gauge.


The number of slots you can use for Decorations.


The higher this number, the higher the chance your attacks will deal extra damage. If this number is negative, your attacks will sometimes deal less damage than usual.


Musical notes exclusive to the selected Hunting Horn.

Shot Type/Level

Gunlance shell type and Attack level.

Phial Type

The type of phial used by the Switch Axe or Charge Blade.


How long it takes to reload the Bowgun.


The trajectory deviation of ammo shot from the Bowgun.


How much recoil the Bowgun has when shooting.

Arc Shots

The type of Arc Shot a Bow fires.


How rare an item is. The bigger the number, the more difficult the item is to acquire.

Hunter Type

Your current hunter type (Blademaster or Gunner).

Melody Effects

Melody effects that you can perform with the Hunting Horn.


The abilities of your Kinsect.


The amount, type, and level of ammo that can be loaded by the Bowgun.

Internal Ammo

The type of internal ammo, plus the type and level of ammo that can be loaded by the Bowgun.

Rapid Fire

The type and number of ammo compatible with the Light Bowgun's Rapid Fire, and the deviation after firing.

Crouching Fire

The type of ammo you can use with the Heavy Bowgun's Crouching Fire.

Charged Shots

The types and levels of Charged Shots that can be unleashed by the Bow.

Usable Coatings

The types of coatings you can use with the Bow.

Equippable Coatings

The types and levels of coatings that can be used on arrows shot from the Bow.

Armor Status

Armor Level

The level of the armor.


The defensive power of the armor.

Elemental Resistance

The elements a piece of armor is resistant to. The higher the value, the higher the resistance.


The number of slots you can use for Decorations.


The rarity of an item. The higher the number, the more difficult it is to acquire.

Hunter Type

The type of hunter that can equip the armor (Blademaster or Gunner).

Active Skills

The skills currently activated.

Skill Points

The skill points a piece of armor has.

Elemental Types

Weapons have different elemental properties such as Fire, Ice, Poison, and Paralysis. Monsters have weaknesses to certain elements, and take extra damage from weapons that have those properties. Take into account a monster's traits to find out which element works best to deal damage to them.

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