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Hunter Arts

Common Hunter Arts

Absolute Evasion

Perform a corkscrew-like evasion, providing a window of opportunity to make an emergency escape. Sports a lengthy period of invulnerability and sheathes your weapon automatically upon use.

Heal Gain

A moment of concentration bolsters your own healing abilities. For a limited time, Health recovery is more effective, and temporary damage taken during combat recovers more quickly.

Hunter's Oasis

Places a special device on the ground that emits a Health-restoring mist. It will continue to restore your Health as long as you are within range.

Weapon-specific Hunter Arts

Lion's Maw (Great Sword only)

Swings your Great Sword around your body with bloodthirsty force and raises the Attack power of the following strike. This hellish Art leaves hunters with a demonic look in their eyes...and the battlefield littered with corpses.

Round Force (Sword & Shield only)

A spin attack that slashes all targets surrounding you. During execution, you'll be invulnerable to monster attacks, making it an effective evasive technique as well.

Super Nova (Heavy Bowgun only)

An attack that uses specialized piercing ammo that travels a short distance before exploding midair. The blast is quite powerful, but if the ammo hits a wall or floor, it won't explode.

Styles and Arts
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Hunter Arts

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