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Combining Items

You can create a new item by combining two items in your possession. Combining items yields more effective, valuable items, and there are some items that can only be obtained via combining. Items you have already combined can be seen in your Combo List.

How to Combine Items

Combining is the delicate art of fusing two items to make another. Combining items can net you more effective and more valuable items, as well as items that can only be acquired through combining. Once an item is created through combining, it will be added to your Combo List.

You can combine items via the menu, the panels on the Touch Screen during a Quest, and the Item Box.

To combine items, choose two items from your list. Only items that can be combined will be selectable. If you hold Aボタン during the combination process, you will continue to combine as long as you have combinable items remaining.

Success Rate

Not all combinations will be successful. If your success rate is low, there's a high chance the combination process will fail, leaving you with Garbage.

You can increase your combination success rate by equipping certain skills or by putting a Book of Combos in your Item Pouch. However, you need to own the Books of Combos in numeric order for them to have any effect on your success rate. You also need to have the Books of Combos in your Item Pouch when combining from the pouch itself. When combining from your Item Box, your success rate will be increased as long as the Books of Combos are in either your Item Pouch or Item Box.

Combo List

Once an item has been created through combination, it is added to your Combo List.

You can toggle the list order between Default Order and Combinable by pressing Xボタン. If you press Yボタン, you can rearrange the selected item's position in the list.

Useful Items
Combining Items

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