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Top Screen during Quests

Hunter Top Screen

1. Time Limit

A clock that represents the time remaining before the Quest ends.

2. Health Gauge

When the green portion of the Health Gauge completely disappears, the hunter will faint. After taking damage, a part of the Health Gauge will turn red, representing Health that can be recovered over time.

3. Stamina Gauge

Certain actions, such as dashing and special attacks, will deplete the Stamina Gauge. A hunter's Stamina will recover as time passes, but the maximum amount of Stamina a hunter can have will decrease over time. You can increase your maximum Stamina with items like Well-done Steaks.

If you happen to have Raw Meat and a BBQ Spit in your Item Pouch, you can make Well-done Steaks on the spot. Listen to the music for guidance and press Aボタン as soon as the meat changes color. If your timing is just right, you'll get a Well-done Steak. If you're too early, you'll get a Rare Steak, and if you're too late you'll get Burnt Meat.

4. Weapon Status

This area displays your current weapon's Sharpness or other statuses. The display changes depending on the weapon equipped.


Indicates the Sharpness of your melee weapon. A weapon's Sharpness (and thus attack power) decreases the more you use the weapon. The color of this icon changes according to the Sharpness of the weapon.


Displays the ammo in your Bowgun.


Displays the remaining number of times you can use the coating you currently have equipped for your Bow.

5. Hunter Names and Icons

You and your companions' names, weapons, and current Health are displayed here. When you have been spotted by a large monster, an Eye icon will be displayed beside your hunter's name. Depending on your situation, the Eye icon color will change.



6. Item Bar

Displays the currently selected item.
Hold Lボタン and then use Yボタン or Aボタン to select an item. Press Yボタン to use the item.

Prowler Top Screen

1. Acorns

When your Health reaches zero, you'll consume an Acorn and get back on your feet. If your Health reaches zero and you have no more Acorns left, you'll be transported back to base camp and your reward money will decrease.

2. Support Gauge

Displays your Support Gauge. Perform different actions as a Prowler to increase your gauge. When you perform Support Moves, the gauge will decrease.

3. Support Move Window

Displays the currently selected Support Move. Select a Support Move by holding Lボタン and pressing Yボタン or Aボタン to cycle through your Support Moves, and then press Yボタン to perform it.

*When your weapon is drawn, press Rボタン+Yボタン to perform a Support Move.

Village/Hub: Controls
Village/Hub: Display
Controls during Quests
Top Screen during Quests
Touch Screen during Quests
Terrain-based Controls

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