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Guild Cards

Your Guild Card contains information about your hunter and your progress through the game. You can view, edit, and send your Guild Card from the menu.

Guild Cards received from other players are saved in a Card List, and you can save up to 100 cards at a time. If you go on a Quest with a hunter whose Guild Card you've received, your Unity will increase.
Raise your total Unity and you might receive items from the Guild Manager.

Checking your Guild Card

Select "Check" to display your own Guild Card.
Use Lボタン or Rボタン to switch pages. You can check how many times you've used a weapon, view the titles and awards you've acquired, and browse other information.

Editing your Guild Card

Select "Edit" to edit the contents of your Guild Card.


Create a unique title for yourself by combining titles you have acquired. Titles can be acquired by downloading them or by completing Quests.


Set up your personalized greeting to other hunters (up to 26 characters).
*Your greeting can be seen by numerous people. Please refrain from including content that is illegal, offensive, personal, or that could infringe upon others' rights.
*Some characters and words cannot be used.


Customize your hunter's pose and the background of your Guild Card.


Set the armor displayed on your Guild Card to be the equipment your Hunter or Prowler is currently wearing.

Sending/Receiving Guild Cards


Select Guild Cards from the menu and then select Send when you are playing with other players via local wireless or online to send your Guild Card. When you receive a Guild Card from another player, you can choose whether to save it or not.


To activate StreetPass, talk to the Courier in a village. You can also save Guild Cards received from other players via StreetPass by talking to the Courier. You can view other players' Guild Cards by selecting Guild Cards from the menu, and then selecting Card List.

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