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Felyne Bistro/Canteen


You can activate special skills or status changes by having a meal at the Bistro or Canteen.

Food Skills only last fur one Quest! Also, saving your game after you eat won't purrserve your Food Skills on your save data!
Select Order a Meal at the Bistro, then the Dish and Sauce you want. You will gain different effects from the food you eat according to the combination of the Dish and Sauce you choose. You can pay for the Meal with zenny or Wycademy Points.

Discovering Meals

The Purr-prietress creates new Dishes for the Bistro. By combining two ingredients, you can create a variety of new Dishes. Any Dishes you create are added to the menu.

New ingredients are found by hunting or by fulfilling villager's requests. When you have a new ingredient, talk to the Purr-prietress and try to create a new meal.


Use a Voucher to pay for your meal, or use a Gourmet Voucher to guarantee all Food Skills activate. During Multiplayer, using a Voucher or a Gourmet Voucher will affect all players. Once you use a voucher of any kind, you cannot get it back.

Fired Up

When ordering a Meal, sometimes the chef will get fired up. When this happens, an icon will appear on a Dish, and you will gain extra bonuses from eating it, like increased Stamina gains, or increased chances for Food Skill activation.

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