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Basic Town Facilities

As you progress through the single player story, you will visit many villages and use them as your base of operations. The first village you visit will be Bherna Village, which houses many facilities you'll find in other villages later on.

For a detailed explanation on how to use each facility, touch the Help button on the Touch Screen whenever you are using a facility.

Quest Counter

Quests from the Hunters Guild or from the Wycademy can be taken on at the Quest Counter. By completing Quests, your prowess in battle will be recognized and the number of Quests you can take on will increase.

Airship Counter

The Airship Counter will transport you to various villages. However, traveling to other villages requires the permission of the Wycademy. Once you get permission, talk to the Airship Counter and select your destination from the World Map located on the Touch Screen.


Purchase or sell items here. You can also send purchased items straight to your Item Box.


Purchase already forged weapons and armor here.


Forge or upgrade equipment with materials you've acquired.

Palico Armory

You can create Palico equipment at the Palico Armory once you have the required materials. You can also take the materials you've acquired from monsters and trade them directly for Scraps.


Having a meal here will provide you with temporary boosts for your next Quest. As you progress through the single player story, you can also use the kitchen's Rife Roast to cook meat or fish.

Your House

Your house has all of the things you need for your hunter and Palico.


Send and receive Guild Cards and Palicoes via StreetPass.

Wycademy Points

Wycademy Points are earned by completing Quests or requests from villagers. The points you earn can be used at certain facilities or exchanged for items.

Village Facilities
The People of Bherna and the Wycademy
Basic Town Facilities
Felyne Bistro/Canteen
Your House
Village Facilities
The Hunters Hub
Interacting with Villagers

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