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Ignoring/Blocking Players

In the event you don't want to receive Guild Cards or be matched with certain players, you can add them to the Ignore List or the blocked-user list.

Ignore List

You will not be able to play Monster Hunter Generations online with players registered on your Ignore List. You can still play with players on your Ignore List in other games.

・Players on your Ignore List will not appear when matchmaking during Online Multiplayer.
・Players on your Ignore List will not be notified they are on the list.
・You can remove players from your Ignore List by accessing it during the game.
・Up to 100 people can be added to the Ignore List.

Blocked-user List

You will not receive Guild Cards or Palicoes from players on your Blocked-user List via StreetPass, Local Play, or Online Multiplayer. Chat from registered players will not appear during Local Play or Online Multiplayer.

You may not be able to see content created by registered players in other games. You must go to the Nintendo 3DS System Settings to remove players from the Blocked-user List.

Up to 100 people can be added to the Blocked-user List.

Adding/Removing Users

You must have been in the same Online Hunters Hub as the person you want to add to either the Ignore List or Blocked-user List.
You can register players in the same Online Hunters Hub as you, and also players you have played with in the past.

・You don't need to be in the same Hunters Hub to remove a player from the Ignore List.
・Ignore List settings are only available during Online Multiplayer.

Adding Users to Ignore List/Blocked-user List

1. Select Friends from the menu or the Touch Screen button, and then select either Add to Ignore List or blocked-user list.

2. Select either a player currently in the same Online Hunters Hub as you or someone you have played with in the past. Up to three past players will be displayed. While you can only add people to the Ignore List while online, you can add people to the blocked-user list even when you're offline.

3. Select the players you wish to add to the list.

Removing Users From the Ignore List

1. Select Ignore List under Friends from the menu.

2. Select the players you wish to remove from the list and select Yes.

Removing Users From the Blocked-user List

To remove a player from the blocked-user list, you must go to your Nintendo 3DS's System Settings and select Data Management. You cannot remove individual players from the blocked-user list, you can only select Reset Blocked-User Settings and remove all registered players at once.

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Ignoring/Blocking Players
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