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Wireless Settings

You can view and modify settings related to Online Play via the Wireless Settings menu.

Hub Information

Check the settings of your current Hunters Hub.
Only the host can change the settings.
*You cannot change the number of players.

Hub Host

The flag icon in the Player Info window denotes the current host. Ordinarily, the host will be the player that initially established the Hunters Hub. However, in the event the host leaves, a new one will be selected from among the remaining players.

Kick Players

Kick Players allows you to forcibly remove a player from the current Hunters Hub. Only the host can utilize this feature.

Multiplayer Settings

Multiplayer Settings lets you change various settings related to Online Play and Local Play.

Receiving Guild Cards and Palicoes

You can set whether you can receive Guild Cards or Palicoes from other players while in the Hunters Hub.
If you select Yes, you can select whether to accept them or not once you get something from another player.
If you select No, they will be automatically deleted.
*You can receive them via StreetPass.


Set whether to send or receive chat messages. If you select No, you will not receive messages from other players, and you won't be able to chat yourself. Players who have chosen not to send or receive chat messages are indicated with a special icon.

*Players who are playing under Parental Controls are also displayed with a special icon.


Set whether to accept or refuse invitations from friends.

Palico Chat

Set whether to display Palico messages while playing online. Even if you choose not to display Palico messages, some important messages, such as when a Palico sets a trap, will still be displayed.

Multiplayer Setup
Local Multiplayer
Online Multiplayer
Hunters Hub Quests
Ignoring/Blocking Players
Wireless Settings

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