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Hunters Hub Quests

Initiating Quests

When playing with others in Multiplayer, please follow the steps below to post or join a Quest.

Visit the Quest Counter

One player posts a Quest by talking to the Quest Counter receptionist.

Join a Quest

The other players can join the Quest by going to the Quest Board and selecting the Quest. If multiple players post a Quest, they will all be posted on the Quest Board.

The person who posted the quest does not need to follow this step.

Get Ready to Depart

All players besides the person who posted the Quest must press Aボタン while in front of the Departure Gate to indicate that they're ready to go on the Quest. Once a player has indicated that they're ready, they won't be able to use any facilities. If they still need to do something before the Quest starts, they should press Aボタン again to cancel their departure confirmation.
When you are ready to go on the Quest, the icon above your hunter's head will flicker. Once all players are ready to go, the player who posted the Quest must press Aボタン to confirm all participants and depart.

If the person who posted the Quest presses Aボタン before all members are ready, those who haven't indicated that they are prepared will be left behind...and good hunters don't do that to fellow hunters!

Complete a Quest

By simply participating, you will earn a check mark next to the Quest name if you and your group successfully completes the Quest. However, in the case of Urgent Quests or Quests given to you as requests from villagers, only the player who posted the Quest will officially complete it, no matter who joins.

Urgent Quests

As you complete Quests, you'll be able to take on Urgent Quests. If you can complete these high priority Quests, you can earn respect from the Guild and subsequently unlock a new tier of more challenging Quests.

Hunter Ranks

At the Hunters Hub Quest Counter, you can take on Low-rank and High-rank Quests, but High-rank Quests require you to be at least HR4 or above.

You can increase your Hunter Rank by completing Urgent Quests at the Hunters Hub. Urgent Quests will appear once you have completed certain Quests.

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