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Your House

In your house, you can save your game, manage items and equipment, switch between hunter and Prowler, and manage your Palicoes.


Save your game progress. Food Skills will not be saved.

Prepare for the unexpected and save often! It never hurts to be safe!

Item Box

A handy box where you can manage all of your items and equipment.

Store Items

Transfer contents from your Item Pouch into your Item Box. You can store up to 99 items in one item slot.

Take Items

Take items out of the Item Box.

Item Sets

Register the contents of your Item Pouch, or change the content of registered Item Sets. Item Sets are useful when you want to quickly take out specific items for a certain Quest.

Item Sets come in handy when you gotta prep for a Quest in a hurry!

Combine/Sell Items

Combine items directly via the Item Box, manually sort items, or sell unneeded items.

Manage Equipment

Change your current equipment or Talismans, place Decorations into your equipment, or sell unneeded gear.

Equipment Sets

Register equipment sets, or change the content of already registered sets. Your equipment sets will also automatically equip any Decorations you had placed into the equipment at the time you registered it. If you upgrade equipment or sell Decorations, your equipment sets will be automatically updated. However, if you sell armor or weapons, the registered set will be deleted.

Changing Your Appearance

Change your inner clothing, hair style, make up, or change the color of your armor pigments.

Change Style/Arts

Change your Hunter Arts and Style. You'll choose a Hunter Style first, then Hunter Arts. The number of Hunter Arts you can equip depends on the Style you choose. You have 3 slots to assign Hunter Arts to, in any order you choose, but be aware that the order you equip them will be the same one used for the Hunter Arts Panel on the Touch Screen.

Room Service

A trusty assistant who helps take care of your personal belongings. Talk to them to watch movies you've unlocked from the Gallery or to connect to the Internet to download new content. You can also talk to the Housekeeper who provides your room service to manage your Meownster Hunters, the Palico Dojo, and the Trader.

Palico Board

Manage the Palicoes you've recruited.

Village Facilities
The People of Bherna and the Wycademy
Basic Town Facilities
Felyne Bistro/Canteen
Your House
Village Facilities
The Hunters Hub
Interacting with Villagers

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