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Skills and Skill Trees

About Active Skills

Pieces of armor and Decorations have special points that activate skills. Accumulate the necessary points and a skill will become active.
You can view your current Skill Points and Active Skills in the Status section of the menu.

Skill Tree Examples

Skills activate and give you different effects depending on the number of points accumulated.

Ex. 1 "Stun" Skill

15 points or more: Negate Stun
Prevents Stun completely.

10 to 14 points: Halve Stun
Reduces the likelihood of being stunned by 50%.

-9 to 9 points:
No skill is activated.

-10 points or fewer: Double Stun
Makes it harder to recover from being stunned.

Ex. 2 "Sharpener" Skill

10 points or more: Speed Sharpening
Increases weapon sharpening speed.

-9 to 9 points:
No skill is activated.

-10 points or fewer: Slow Sharpening
Decreases weapon sharpening speed.
In essence, having a positive number of Skill Points will give you an advantage, while a negative number of Skill Points will put you at a disadvantage.
You can check the details of skill trees and Active Skills by pressing Yボタン on the Skill Details page of your Status.

Use Talismans or Decorations when you don't have enough Skill Points from your armor, or if you've got negative skills you wanna get rid of!

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