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Prowlers during a Quest


The acorn icons displayed below your Health Gauge represent the remaining number of Acorns you have.

When your Health reaches zero and you have Acorns remaining, one Acorn will be consumed. When you have no more Acorns left and your Health reaches zero, it will be counted as one faint. You can replenish Acorns by sleeping at the bed in your Base Camp.
*Your Acorn count will replenish when you are knocked out.

Support Moves/Support Gauge

Support Moves

Although Palicoes and Prowlers cannot use items, they can perform special moves to support you.
There are various types of Support Moves: Some are attacks, some restore Health, and some help you in battle.

Support Gauge

The orange gauge on the Touch Screen is your Support Gauge. Above the gauge, an icon indicating the equipped Support Move is displayed.

Prowlers can perform various actions to fill the Support Gauge, but performing Support Moves will deplete the gauge. The bottom right of each Support Icon shows how much gauge is used for the move.

*The Support Gauge's max limit increases when your Palicoes increase in level or wear specific equipment.

Felyne Fury Mode

In some cases, such as when you take a certain amount of damage, you will go into Felyne Fury Mode. The conditions for entering Felyne Fury Mode differ based on your Support Bias.

Felyne Fury Mode lasts for a limited period of time and has the following effects:
- The Support Gauge fills faster
- Affinity increases
- Unique Furr-ious attacks are enabled
- Dash speed increases

Item Exchange as a Prowler

While Prowlers cannot use items, they can still give or receive them.

Open the menu, select Item Pouch, select the item you wish to give, and select the hunter or Prowler. You can only give items of Rarity 3 or below.

Palicoes and Prowlers
Palicoes during a Quest
Prowlers during a Quest
Palico Facilities
Meownster Hunters

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