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Quest Rules

Different Quests have different Main Objectives, such as hunting a specific monster or gathering and delivering certain items.

Completing a Quest

Fulfilling the Main Objective successfully completes the Quest. You'll receive reward money, items and double the Quest fee you initially paid. You can check the Main Objective by selecting Quest Info from the menu.

Quest Failure Conditions

A Quest is considered a failure if the failure conditions are met (e.g., reward money hits zero, time expires, etc.). You can check the conditions for failure by selecting Quest Info from the menu.

Abandoning a Quest

Select Abandon Quest from the menu to quit the Quest and revert to your pre-Quest status. Any items you used during the Quest will be replenished, but any items or materials you gathered will be lost.

Main Objectives and Subquests

Main Objective
Fulfilling the Main Objective successfully completes the Quest and returns you to the village or the Hunters Hub.

Complete a Subquest to receive additional rewards. By completing the Quest's Subquest, you have the option to return to town without penalty; however, the Quest will not be considered complete until you have fulfilled the Main Objective. Whenever you want to return to town with only the Subquest fulfilled, select End via Subquest from the menu.

Base Camp

The Base Camp is a place to rest and prepare for a Quest. Here you will find all the bare necessities for a hunt. If you faint during a Quest, you will return to this location.

Supply Box

The Supply Box is a box filled with items provided by the Guild. Some items are provided at the beginning of a Quest, but others may not be added until a certain amount of time passes. At the end of a Quest, you will be forced to return certain items provided by the Guild.

Delivery Box

Gathering Quests, such as Harvest Tours and egg transport Quests, require you to deliver certain items to the Delivery Box in order to complete the Quest. Once you acquire the requested items, return to the Base Camp and put them in the Delivery Box.

You can also deliver certain items other than the items requested by the client. Delivering these items will grant you extra Wycademy points or zenny.


You can sleep in your bed as often as you want to regain Health and cure any ailments. However, some skills, when activated, may not allow you to sleep. Also, there are some Quests that do not have a bed provided at the Base Camp.

Pawstal Service

Talk to The Transpurrter located in your Base Camp, and he'll take any items you give him back to Your House once per Quest. Take advantage of his services by collecting a lot of items and sending them back home.

Quest Rewards

If you successfully complete a Quest, you'll receive reward money and items.

Reward Box

On the Reward Box screen, you can receive various items as rewards, such as materials from the monsters you've hunted. You'll receive additional rewards for completing a Subquest or for Free Hunt bonuses. If you've happened to break off a monster's horns or sever its tail, you may find those materials in your Reward Box as well. You can choose to put your rewards in your Item Pouch, send them to your Item Box, or sell them.

If you've acquired or received unappraised items, you'll automatically be brought to the Appraisal Box after you've finished receiving your rewards.

Receiving Rewards

If you successfully complete a Quest, you'll receive the reward money promised in the Quest description. Also, the Quest fee you initially paid will be returned twofold. If you happened to hunt any large monsters outside of the Quest objectives, you'll receive additional bonus rewards.

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