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Panel Customization

You can customize and register Panels on the Touch Screen.

Customize Panels

Select panels and their layout on the Touch Screen for use during Quests.

1. Panels

Touch and slide a panel to move it around, and then release it to set it to a location.

2. Category Buttons

Press left or right on 十字ボタン to select and change panel categories.

3. Options

Change the size or shape of certain panels. By pressing Xボタン, you can reset your current panel scheme to the game's default scheme. (Your registered custom panel schemes will be unaffected by this action.)

4. Panel Layout

The active Panel Scheme.

5. Hold

Contains panels you have removed previously, so you can revert your changes if necessary.

Panel Schemes

You can register your current panel arrangement as a custom scheme.


Register your current panel arrangement as a custom panel scheme. (You can save up to three custom panel schemes.)


Change to one of your registered custom panel schemes.


Delete a registered panel scheme.

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Panel Customization
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