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Village/Hub: Display

Village/Hub: Top Screen

Talking/Using Facilities (Speaking to NPCs)

When you approach a townsperson or a facility, a red ▼ icon will appear above them. Press Aボタン whenever you see this icon to talk to the NPC or use the facility.

If there are multiple targets near your character, you can use 十字ボタン to cycle through them. The name of the targeted NPC or facility will appear in the upper left corner of the top screen and the same red icon will appear over their head.

Special Marks

A speech bubble will appear over an NPC's head when they have important information to convey. There are two types of speech bubbles: red and yellow. Red speech bubbles indicate information related to game progress.

Delivery Icons

When playing with other players, this icon will appear when you receive a Guild Card, friend request, item, or Palico. When you are using a facility or are not able to immediately receive anything, the icon will appear on the upper part of the top screen.

Current Online Status

In the Hunters Hub, your current online status is displayed on the bottom right of the screen.

Offline Icon

Displayed when you are offline.

Online Icon

Displayed when you are currently online via Local Wireless or Online Multiplayer.

Village/Hub: Touch Screen

1. Hunter Search

Search for other players nearby who are playing Monster Hunter Generations.

2. Shortcut Buttons

Offline/Local Wireless/Online Multiplayer
Options that are found in the standard menu can be accessed directly using these buttons.

3. Menu

Offline/Local Wireless/Online Multiplayer
Options that can be accessed directly from the Start Menu.

4. Help

Look up information related to facilities or other features.

5. World Map

Offline/Local Wireless/Online Multiplayer
Travel to the Online Hunters Hub from a village or the Offline Hunters Hub.

6. Hunters for Hire

Check up on Hunters for Hire who are waiting for you in the Offline Hunters Hub. You can also change the settings for Hunters for Hire.

7. Chat

Open the chat panel. You can use the keyboard while you're not on a Quest.

*Only available when online.

*If you receive a chat message while using a facility or at a time when you can't view the chat window, an icon will appear to indicate that you have received a message.

Village/Hub: Controls
Village/Hub: Display
Controls during Quests
Top Screen during Quests
Touch Screen during Quests
Terrain-based Controls

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*3D effects may vary between individuals.

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