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The Arena Instructor has special time attack Arena and Challenge Quests available.

Taking on Arena Quests

You can undertake Arena Quests or Challenge Quests by selecting "Arena Quests" or "Challenge Quests" from the menu. Challenge Quests need to be downloaded first in order to be undertaken.

Selecting Equipment

Arena Quests have special rules that limit you to using the items and equipment they provide.
The equipment selection screen will appear after you depart on a Quest. Here you can check the available weapons, armor, and items you can bring with you. If you're a Prowler, you can choose your Support Bias. Choose one that comes with the Support Moves or equipment that you think will complement you and your friends the most.

Quest Completion/Rewards

The Quest is considered completed if the monster is slain within the time limit. However, unlike regular Quests, you will not be able to keep any items that you acquired during the Quest. Also, you won't get monster materials as part of your reward, but you will acquire Coins or other special items.


After you complete an Arena Quest, your performance will be recorded onto your Guild Card. You can also see the records of other hunters whose Guild Cards you've received by checking the Leaderboards at the Arena.

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