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Meownster Hunters

Palicoes not accompanying you on a Quest can be sent off on a Meownster Hunter Expedition via balloon. Use the cannon to fire your Palicoes at areas where they can gather materials.

Dispatching the Meownster Hunters

Prepare for an Expedition by selecting a locale and up to four members.

Once you're ready, you can dispatch your Meownster Hunters by playing a mini-game. Fire your Palicoes from the cannon to the specified targets to obtain materials.

1. Pick a Locale

There are a number of locales available to the Meownster Hunters, and the materials and monsters that appear are different with each locale.

You can check the details of each locale on the Touch Screen. Stronger monsters will appear as the number of stars (★) increases. The number of locales and monsters that appear in Meownster Hunters increases as you progress through the story.


When RARE is displayed next to a Locale, the amount and quality of materials that can be obtained there is improved. There is also a chance for a Hidden Area to appear, which lets you obtain rare materials.


WARNING indicates that a monster will invade an area. This is a chance to get even more materials, so be sure to send a Palico to a Material Area where you think the monster will appear.

2. Choose Your Palicoes

You can send up to four Palicoes on a Meownster Hunter Expedition. While you can send one Palico by itself, the more members you have, the more materials you can obtain.

You cannot send out Palicoes that have low Enthusiasm. When their Enthusiasm is high, their Search Area is larger, and they may also be able to bring back more materials.

Each Support Bias has its own uniquely colored Search Area. Palicoes can obtain more materials from monsters or areas of the same color.

3. Mini-game

Fire the cannon by aiming and then selecting the power level. After firing, the Palico will slowly lose speed before arriving at their location. Once all members have been fired from the cannon, the mini-game will end.

Each Palico has a circular Search Area around them. If this Search Area overlaps with the Material Area, then your Palico will gather materials from it.

十字ボタン or スライドパッド: Aim Your Shot

Aim the cannon
*You can also aim the cannon via the red arrow icon on the Touch Screen.

Aボタン: Fire

Fire the selected Palico. The distance the Palico will travel depends on the amount of power in the gauge.
*You can fire a Palico via panel on the Touch Screen.

Lボタン or Rボタン: Change Members

Change which Palico to fire.
*You can change Palicoes directly via the panel on the Touch Screen.

Yボタン: Details

View information on the kinds of materials you can obtain from the current locale, the monsters that appear, and the Meownster Hunter members you have chosen.

Xボタン: Switch View

Switch views after your Palicoes have landed. This is especially useful when the Search Area is obstructing your view.

You can tell if a Palico's Search Area overlaps with a Material Area if their default full-body display shows them bouncing up and down excitedly.

Switching views will switch to a face icon, and the Search Area can be clearly seen. Switch views again to display the landing area, and the search area will be hidden so you can check where the Material Area is. Switch views one more time to go back to viewing your Palico.

Members' Enthusiasm

The size of a Palico's Search Area increases with its Enthusiasm, making it easier to obtain materials on an Expedition.

Hidden Areas

When RARE or WARNING is displayed, that means secret areas abound, or a monster may invade a secret area.

These secret areas are discovered when your Palico passes by them after they've been fired. Readjust your aim once you discover a secret area if you wish to land there.

4. Receive Your Rewards

When you return from a Quest, you can see how your Meownster Hunters fared on their Expedition and pick up their rewards.
*Certain Quests do not count towards finishing an Expedition.

When viewing the results of an Expedition you can see what materials a Palico has picked up, and if there were any RARE or WARNING secrets in the Expedition, you'll see where they were too.

You can take rewards, sell them, or send them to your Item Box. After an Expedition, your Palico's Enthusiasm will decrease dramatically.

Palicoes and Prowlers
Palicoes during a Quest
Prowlers during a Quest
Palico Facilities
Meownster Hunters

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