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Ability Changes

A hunter's efficacy can increase or decrease depending on the food eaten, items used, and skills activated. Any current status effects are denoted by their respective icons beside the player's name.

Status Change Icons

Increased Attack

Increased Defense

Decreased Defense (small/large)

Increased Affinity

Increased Sharpness/Piercing Power

Resistance Down

Elemental Blight Icons

Hunters can sustain elemental-based afflictions known as "Blights" if they're hit by certain monster attacks.

Elemental Blight (example)

Fireblight (small/large)

Health decreases over time. Can be cured by rolling in some water.

Waterblight (small/large)

Stamina recovery speed decreases.

Thunderblight (small/large)

The probability of being stunned by monster attacks increases.

Iceblight (small/large)

Stamina usage when performing certain actions increases.

Dragonblight (small/large)

Your weapon's elemental properties are nullified.
You can speed up the removal of many Elemental blights by repeatedly evading. You can also boost your armor's elemental resistances to protect against blights.

Status Changes
Ability Changes
Other Abnormal Statuses

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