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When you add a player to your friend list, you'll be able to see their online status, and it'll be easier to find each other in Online Multiplayer. You can even send them invitations to join your Hunters Hub.

*You cannot see your friends' online status during Local Play or Hunter Search.

*Friends registered in Monster Hunter Generations will also be registered to your Nintendo 3DS system's friend list. To remove a friend you must do it from the System Settings.

*In order to become friends with another player, you must first make your Personal Mii. For more information, please refer to the Nintendo 3DS system's Operation Manual.

*If your system's friend list settings are set to not show your online status to your friends, you will always appear Unavailable.

Friend Requests

To send a friend request, first join the same Hunters Hub as the player you wish to send a friend request to. You cannot send a friend request to someone who is out on a Quest.

Sending a Friend Request

1. From the menu select Friends, or touch the Friends button located on the Touch Screen that is displayed when you're in Town. Then select Friend Registration.

2. Check the name of the player you wish to befriend and then select Send.

Receiving a Friend Request

You can choose to accept or refuse a friend request. If you select No, you will be asked if you wish to receive further invitations from that player. If you choose not to receive further invitations, any invitations from that player will be automatically deleted for the current online session. However, if you leave and re-enter the Hunters Hub, or if that player leaves and reconnects, they will be able to send you invitations again.

*You cannot register a person as a friend if you do not have a Personal Mii, or if you have no space in your friends list. You can have up to 100 people on your friends list.

Inviting a Friend

You can send an invitation to play to a friend that's currently online. Select a friend that's marked as Available, and then select Invite to Hub to send an invitation.

Multiplayer Setup
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Online Multiplayer
Hunters Hub Quests
Ignoring/Blocking Players
Wireless Settings

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