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Menu Items

Press STARTボタン to open the menu. Then use 十字ボタン to select an item from the menu, and use Aボタン to confirm.

Common Menu Items (During a Quest, in a Village)

Item Pouch

Check to see what items you're currently carrying.
*A Field Pouch is added while you're on a Quest.

Combo List

Select items from your combo list to quickly create items.

Quest Info

View details of the Quest you're currently on.


View the status and equipment of the Palicoes accompanying you.

Hunter's Notes

Read up on basic information, monster information, and other helpful tips.


View the status of your hunter or Prowler.


View details on your weapon, armor, and other equipment.


Perform specific gestures with your hunter.


Adjust various in-game settings.

Menu Options Available Only During a Quest


Pause the game. Closing the Nintendo 3DS system during a Quest will also automatically pause the game.
To unpause, press Aボタン, Bボタン or STARTボタン.
*Only available when offline.

End via Subquest

Select this to return to the Hunters Hub with only the Subquest complete.


With the menu open, press Xボタン to direct your Palicoes during a Quest and to let other players know your current position during Multiplayer.

Zoom Map In/Out

With the menu open, press Yボタン to zoom the Map in or out.

Menu Options Available Only in the Village or the Hub


View your friend list, send friend requests, or adjust settings related to the ignore list and blocked-user list.


Open the chat menu.

Guild Cards

Edit, check, or send your Guild Card.

View Special Permits

Check how many Special Permits you currently have.

Wireless Settings

Check your Hunters Hub settings, kick other players, or change your multiplayer settings.

Quit Game

Quit the game and return to the title screen.

Menu Items
Panel Customization
Guild Cards

*Screen captures and images represent a version of the game still in development.
*3D effects can only be seen on an actual Nintendo 3DS System. Screen captures on this website were taken in 2D.
*3D effects may vary between individuals.

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