Adjustments CE202203 Ver.


Balance Change Overview

Adjustment Description
[Norma/V-Trigger II] Standing MP 1. Added a foot hurtbox between frames 3 and 13.
[Normal/V-Trigger II] Standing HP 1. Increased recovery on hit from 19F to 22F.
2. Changed frame advantage on hit from +5F to +2F.
3. Changed frame advantage on a crush counter from +18F to +15F.
[Normal/V-Trigger II] Crouching HP Extended the body hurtbox between frames 4 and 18 backward.
[Normal] Crouching HP Reduced the hitbox inward.
[Normal/V-Trigger] Crouching MP (All Sliding Versions) The input window for canceling with a target combo now lasts 2F longer.
[V-Trigger II] All Jumping Punches Fixed an issue in which the non-V-Trigger II versions would be performed instead if performed after Icicle Stamp.
[Normal/V-Trigger] Blizzard Heel (All Sliding Versions) 1. Changed the 1st attack's mid-air hit effect from mid-air recovery to knockdown.
2. Changed the 2nd attack's mid-air hit effect from mid-air recovery to slam down.
3. Increased the combo-count limit on the 1st and 2nd attacks.
White Spear Now combos when jumping LK lands in the air.
H. Parabellum Reduced start-up from 18F to 17F.
EX Parabellum 1. Reduced damage from 100 to 80.
2. Reduced stun damage from 150 to 120.
3. Reduced pushback on hit and block for attacks 1 through 4.
4. Extended the hitbox forward for attacks 2 through 4.
EX H. Vanity Step Changed strike- and projectile-invincible timing from frame 1 to frame 7.
EX Silver Edge 1. Reduced damage from 160 to 140.
2. Reduced stun damage from 200 to 150.
Hailstorm (including EX Version) Increased the 1st attack's combo-count start value and limit when canceled into during the V-Trigger I-exclusive dash.
Glacier Through/White Pressure (V-Skill II) Increased damage from 100 to 120.
[V-Trigger I] Diamond Dust Can now be canceled with any special move except Vanity Step during the exclusive dash.
[V-Trigger II] Reverse Javelin 1. Extended the hitbox upward.
2. Extended the CA-cancel window by 20F.
3. Extended the collision box between frames 1 and 6 upward.
Frost Tower (CA) When canceling Reverse Javelin, the collision box now extends upward only when the opponent is in hitstun.

Balance Change Overview

Kolin's powerful normal moves are compatible with her EX Parabellum,
granting her strong ground game with few risks. With her ability to cut off approaches, control opponents, and counterattack, Kolin can deal damage from a variety of positions.
Armed with her anti-airs, Kolin could easily handle opponents who chose to forgo mid-range battles for jump attacks.
Characters who lacked projectile special moves that could attack beyond their reach struggled to out-maneuver and damage Kolin.
Accordingly, we've adjusted the judgements and parameters of various moves, and have rebalanced the risk/reward of moving.

If Standing HP is not canceled out of after hitting an opponent, it now results in a shortened advantage.
This change means that the once powerful Standing HP Crush Counter > V-Trigger II Forward Step > Snow Grain, will no longer be able to combo.
Players must now use different combos instead.
Though these changes reduce some of Snow Grain's uses, the inertia-filled Crouching MP has a longer input period, giving players more time to confirm their attack's hit and continue it with a derivative move.
Even when blocked, Crouching MP can still maintain Kolin's offensive by continuing with a damaging derivative attack, bolstering her offensive options.

The extensive forward and overhead range of ground-to-air Crouching HP
has been reduced and its stopping capabilities have been balanced.
Instead, try using the air vs air Frost Touch (High) against jump-ins, or use an anti-air from a distance.

We've also made adjustments to the routes and damage of combos.
Though we have slightly reduced the parameters of EX Silver Edge and EX Parabellum,
we have greatly increased the combo-able parts of other attacks. With these changes, Kolin can damage opponents and create combos from different points of her attacks.

H. Parabellum can now combo from Standing MK thanks to its faster start-up.
It can now be used when selecting V-Skill II, Glacier Through, to prepare a wakeup combo, or to connect to CA Frost Tower for a knockdown.

V-Trigger I, Diamond Dust, can now be canceled with any special move, except Vanity Step while Kolin is still in mid-step.
As Hailstorm and Blizzard Heel both now boast higher combo-count limits, Kolin can then use one of their lengthy combos after Diamond Dust hits.

It is now easier to link Reverse Javelin to air combos at the edge of the screen. Additionally, Frost Tower can now land attacks after the combo.

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