Adjustments CE202102 Ver.


Balance Change Overview

Adjustment Description
[Normal] Standing HP 1) The 2nd hit is now special cancelable.
2) Changed frame advantage on block from -7F to -10F.
Standing MK Reduced the foot hurtbox size upward between start-up and when the hitbox disappears.
[Normal] Crouching MP Added a projectile-proof hurtbox to the upper body from 1F before active attack-time begins until the attack ends.
Crouching LK Reduced hitback on the rapid cancel version.
Hammer Kick When the 1st attack lands as a counter hit, the 2nd attack will also be treated as a counter hit.
Bad Spray 1) Changed relative attack strength from light to heavy.
(This determines attack priority when the move clashes against an opponent's normal attack.)
2) Changed frame advantage on hit from +2F to +5F.
Air Raid Kick Added a hitbox that hits opponents behind Cody.
M. Ruffian Kick 1) Extended the hitbox forward on the 5th frame.
2) Extended forward the box that triggers the opponent's guard.
3) Extended the foot hurtbox forward from start-up to when the attack finishes.
4) Extended the hurtbox during recovery.
L. Tornado Sweep 1) Increased projectile speed.
2) Reduced hitback.
3) Decreased active attack frames from 65F to 50F.
4) Changed frame advantage on hit from -2F to +2F.
M. Tornado Sweep 1) Reduced hitback.
2) Increased active attack frames from 52F to 70F.
3) Changed frame advantage on hit from 0F to +2F.
H. Tornado Sweep 1) Decreased projectile speed.
2) Reduced hitback.
3) Increased active attack frames from 39F to 55F.
EX Tornado Sweep Lowered the combo count gain of the 2nd attack.
Lv.2 Zonk Knuckle 1) Now knocks and spins the opponent away on mid-air hit.
2) Increased knockback time on mid-air hit.
3) Increased knockback distance on mid-air hit.
Lv.2 EX Zonk Knuckle 1) Lowered combo-count start value.
Lowered combo count gain.
Prison Breaker (V-Reversal) Decreased pushback on block.
[V-Trigger I] Standing MP Extended the hitbox forward.
[V-Trigger I] Crouching MP Extended the hitbox forward.
[V-Trigger I] Jumping MP Increased knockback time on a mid-air hit.
[V-Trigger I] Rapid Fire 1) Reduced V-Timer cost from 900F to 600F.
2) Increased distance traveled forward.
3) Reduced pushback on block.
4) Reduced frame advantage by 4F on hit while V-Timer remains.
[V-Trigger I] Snipe Shot 1) Delayed CA cancel timing by 1F.
2) Shortened start-up from 15F to 14F.
3) Entire move reduced from 37F to 36F.
[V-Trigger I] Anti-Air Snipe Shot Delayed CA cancel timing by 1F.
[V-Trigger II] Toss & Smash Added 10 damage to each successive attack.
Criminal Punisher (CA) Made the hurtbox projectile-invincible while the hitbox is active.

Balance Change Overview

Cody's main draw is his powerful rushdown and strong attacks, but these were found to be lacking when compared to other similar characters'.
This time around, we've focused on adjusting his normals and specials, improving their usefulness and ability to trap opponents and highlighting his overall offensive potential.

"Hammer Kick"―a useful move for controlling mid-range fights―can now combo into moves like Standing LP on counter hit.
Though it can be difficult to tell when to use this move, if used wisely it can lead into combos.
When Jumping MK crosses up an opponent on hit or block, "Air Raid Kick" can be used to hit them in succession.
Even when blocked, it can mess up the opponent's rhythm, opening up a chance for combos upon landing.

Previously, there wasn't much difference between the different move strength levels of "Tornado Sweep", so we've adjusted the move to be more effective at closing in on the opponent.
As Cody's playstyle isn't reliant on projectiles, this move is not very strong; however, it has become a little trickier for opponents to deal with thanks to the more varied projectile speeds.
By landing the slower heavy version, it will be easier to get close to the opponent and use moves like "Ruffian Kick" and "Zonk Knuckle".

Players tended to use V-Trigger II to open up opponents to attack,
but the improvements to combo and control for V-Trigger I "Side Arm" mean it should be even more reliable than V-Trigger II.
In particular, "Rapid Fire", which puts Cody at an advantage even on block, now consumes much less of the V-Timer, allowing " to be more aggressive.

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