Adjustment Description
Forward Dash Slightly shortened the distance of the motion at beginning of the run before he transitions to the full run, and the stopping motion distance.
Riding Glider ①Increased the recovery on hit by 2F.

②Increased the damage from 120 to 130.

③Increased the stun from 120 to 150.
Rising Sun Increased the damage from 130 to 140.
Standing LP Reduced the hitbox.
Standing LK ①Changed the collision boxes during the move.

②Increased the pushback on hit.

③Increased the pushback on block.
Crouching LP Expanded the hurtbox.
Crouching MP Expanded the hitbox.
Crouching MK Expanded the hurtbox.
Crouching HP ①Increased the startup from 9F to 10F.

②Reduced the hitbox.

③Expanded the hurtbox.

④Decreased the advantage on hit from +7F to +6F.
Jumping HP ①Reduced the hitbox.

②Reduced the hurtbox.
Jumping HK ①Reduced the hurtbox.

②Increased the active frames from 3F to 5F.
Nail Assault Increased the V-Gauge meter increase on hit.
Spinning Mixer Changed so that rapid button pressing will not cause combo scaling.
Note: The damage distribution of each Spinning Mixer has been changed accordingly.
M Spinning Mixer The landing recovery of the second level of the button-mashed version can be cancelled into CA.
Dash Spinning Mixer Changed so that rapid button pressing will not cause combo scaling.
Ysaar (V-Trigger) Changed so that it will build EX meter.

Balance Change Overview

【 音量を調整してお楽しみください 】


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