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Remember this first!
7 tips for survival

*Screenshots are from the Xbox 360 version.

1.Learn the basic actions!

Move: Left stick
Camera Movement: Right stick
Run: Left stick + X button A button
Dodge: Hold L1buttonLT and push the Left stick in any direction + ○buttonA button
Sliding: While running, press L1 buttonLT

2.Check the route guide when lost!

Press and hold the L2 buttonLB to display the route guide.
Using the route guide you can confirm your current objectives as
well as view a marker that shows the direction you should head in.

3.Heal up! Be prepared for the worst!

Each hit you take puts you one step closer to death. Make sure to keep an eye on your Vitality Gauge!
Use health tablets and first aid sprays to recover your vitality.

Find a safe place to convert your herbs into tablets!
You can use tablets by pressing the R2 buttonRB to heal quickly!

《Just what are health tablets?》

Press the △ buttonY button to open your Item Slot and select a herb. Then select "Store in case" and press the ○ buttonA button!

《How to use the first aid spray》

Use the right stick or directional buttonsright stick or directional pad to move up/down and equip a first aid spray, then press the R1 buttonRT!
Your vitality will fully recover!

4.Use the best-suited weapon!

You will obtain various weapons while playing through the campaign. Choose the weapon that best suits the situation!

《Changing your equipped weapons/items》

Toggle your firearm by using the right stick or directional buttonsright stick or directional pad left/right.

Toggle your grenades and items by using the right stick or directional buttonsright stick or directional pad up/down.

5.Your aim counts!

Enemies will react differently based on where they've been attacked!
Aiming at the right spot can turn a bad situation around in your favor!

Use headshots to knock an enemy off-balance. Then get in close and press R1 buttonRT to unleash a powerful physical attack!

Shoot a zombie in the arm to cause it to turn around. If the zombie should happen to have a gas tank on its back...shoot it!

The tank will explode, causing damage to all nearby enemies!

6.Working together with your partner

There are many situations in the game where you will need the help of a partner.

When you come to a location where you will need to work with your partner, press the ○ buttonB button to activate the partner prompt. Your character will wait for the partner's response.
You can press the × buttonA button to cancel the waiting state.

If your partner is in the Dying state, make sure to help them as quickly as you can!
○ buttonB button: Treatment
This will bring them out of Dying mode.
R2 buttonRB: Revival
Use your health tablets to free your partner from the Dying state and replenish their Vitality Gauge at the same time.
Press and hold the ○ buttonB button to display an icon indicating your partner's current location!

7.Match skills to your playing style!

Skill points can be acquired by defeating enemies and at various points throughout the game. These points can be used to purchase skills that will be useful as you proceed through the game.

You can purchase and equip skills from "Skill Settings" within the Campaign menu.
You can also purchase and equip skills during the campaign once you clear a chapter.
You can equip up to 3 skills
Select the skills that match your playing style and the situation!

Recommended for players less adept at action

Defense Lv.1

Raise defensive stats to absorb more damage, and use Desperation to escape if you are surrounded.

Recommended for players who prefer firearms

Firearm Lv.1
Concentrate Lv.1

Raise attacking stats and use Concentrate to aim your firepower more accurately.

Recommended for players who prefer physical combat

Battle Attack Lv.1
Combat Gauge UP

Raise physical attacking stats and increase your PC Gauge to allow for a continuous stream of combat.


By progressing through the Campaign, you will be able to use 8 skill sets at once!
That will open up many possibilities!

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Play through by yourself!Starting an offline game
Play with friends and family!Starting a split screen multiplayer game
Remember this first!7 tips for survival

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