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*Screenshots are from the Xbox 360 version.

Agent Hunt

Agent Hunt is a type of story intersection where you enter the game as an enemy hunting one of the agents.

・If the agent is defeated in the stage, the victory falls to the creature.
・Even if you are defeated, you will respawn indefinitely until the agent clears the stage.
・The number of agents defeated is displayed on a special leaderboard.
・In Agent Hunt -> Skill Select you can buy & equip special skills unique to this mode.


* This mode must first be unlocked by clearing one of the campaigns.
* This mode is only available on certain stages in Campaign mode.


Agent Hunt is a type of story intersection where you enter the game as an enemy hunting one of the agents. Resident Evil 6 primarily revolves around a story campaign, so this mode is designed not to interfere with that type of gameplay. In other words, defeating the agents will be very difficult unless you work together with other CPU and player-controlled enemies. It'll take good battle tactics and a bit of perseverance, but you can bring down an Agent no matter how strong!


Play Game → Extra Contents → Select Agent Hunt.


Choose from the following options.

Skill Select: Select the skills you wish to use.
Matching: Select the agent difficulty.
Quick Match: Join another player's game.
Leaderboards: View rankings.


Select the game you wish to join to begin.

Game Screen


2PC Gauge

3Target Marker


Control explanations will be displayed on the lower part of the screen.
(Controls displayed are for the zombie. The controls will differ depending on the type of creature.)


Hold down the ○ buttonB button to see where the other hunters are located.

Players Entering Your Game

If you are playing through the Campaign and other players enter in Agent Hunt Mode, a message will be displayed on screen indicating this. However, you will not be able to differentiate the enemies controlled by other players. Defeating player-controlled enemies will reward you with better items.

Mode-Exclusive Skills

Within Skill Select in The Mercenaries, you can purchase and equip skills that are exclusive to this mode.

Examples of Mode-Specific Skills
Creature Offense Lv. 1: Slightly increases offense when playing as a creature.
Creature Defense Lv. 1: Slightly increases defense when playing as a creature.
Creature Health Lv. 1: Slightly increases health when playing as a creature.


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