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*Screenshots are from the Xbox 360 version.

You can use the skill points you earn from defeating enemies to purchase and equip various skills that will help you progress through the game.
You can assign up to 3 skills to your skill set.


* Certain skills are specific to the Campaign or Extra Content modes. They can only be equipped in that particular mode, and must be equipped specially in each mode.
Progressing through the Campaign will allow you to have up to 8 skill sets.

Purchasing and Equiping Skills

Purchasing and equipping skills can be done after each chapter in the Campaign, or by accessing Play Game → Campaign → Skill Setting.

Skills can be acquired with the skill points you collect. Purchased skills can be equipped by pressing □buttonX button.

Special Skills

Certain skills can be increased in level. Purchasing the lower level skill will make the next level available for purchase.
Other skills can only be purchased after meeting certain requirements. The requirements will be displayed on screen.

Toggling Skills

Skill sets can be toggled from the options menu SELECT buttonBACK button at any time.

Select the toggle skill set icon.

Proceed to the skills screen, select the skill set you want to toggle.

Select the skill set you want, and leave the menu.


Prepare several favorite skill sets so that you can use different ones depending on your play style and the game circumstances.

Recommended Skill Sets

Power Skills for combat!

・Melee Lv.1
・J'avo Killer Lv.1
・Combat Gauge Boost Lv.1

Physical Attack UP + Damage to J'avo UP + PG Gauge UP!

Tactical Skills for weapons!

・Firearm Lv.1
・Critical Hit Lv.1
・Rock Steady Lv.1

Firearm Damage UP + Critical Hit Rate UP + Firing Recoil Down!

Defensive Skills for survival!

・Defense Lv.1
・Recovery Lv.1

Defensive Stats UP + Break free from enemy grasp UP + Recovery speed from Dying state UP!

Mastering the 8 Skill Sets

Always Low on Ammo

This set will help you to obtain more items, for better ammo-gathering skills!

・Item Drop Increase
・AR Ammo Pickup Increase
・Lock-On Lv.1

Item Drop Ratio UP + Assault Rifle ammunition pickup UP + Reticule stabilization!

Full of Ammo, Full of Zombies

This set will be helpful in fighting off zombies and other large groups of enemies!

・Zombie Hunter Lv.1
・Piercing Lv.1
・Quick Reload

Damage to Zombies UP + Firearm piercing potential UP + Reload Speed UP!

Trouble Lies in Wait

A set to boost your firepower will be useful when you take on powerful bosses!

・Firearm Lv.1
・Critical Rate Lv.1
・Last Shot

Firearm Damage UP + Critical Rate UP + Last bullet does high level of damage!

Skill Points List

Skill Points (50pts)

Skill Points (100pts)

Skill Points (300pts)

Skill Points (500pts)

Skill Points (1500pts)

Skill Points (3000pts)

Skill Points (1000pts)

Skill Points (2500pts)

Skill Points (5000pts)

Skill Points (2000pts)

Skill Points (4000pts)

Skill Points (10000pts)


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