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*Screenshots are from the Xbox 360 version.

The Mercenaries

In this mode, you aim to score points by defeating as many enemies in a stage as
possible within a set time.

・A maximum of two people can play at the same time. Split-screen is also possible.
・Points are displayed on the leaderboards.
・You can purchase/equip skills specific to this mode under "Skill Settings" within The Mercenaries mode.


* Skills equipped from "Skill Settings" in the Campaign mode do not apply to this mode.

The Mercenaries Game Flow


Play Game → Extra Contents → Select The Mercenaries


Select the following from the Title Screen.

Solo: Play alone.
Duo Create Game: Create a game and wait for other players.
Duo Join Game: Join a game that another player created.
Split: Play with another player in split-screen mode.
Skill Settings: Purchase and customize skills.
Leaderboards: View rankings.


Select the stage you wish to play.
(Only during Solo play.)


Select the character you wish to play as.

Game Screen Explanation

1Time Remaining


3Added Score

4Added Time

5Defeated Enemies


7COMS Device

Victory and Defeat Conditions

Victory Conditions
You win if time runs out, or if you kill 150 enemies.
(When you kill 150 enemies, any time left will be added to your score as a bonus)

Defeat Conditions
If your health goes down to 0, it is game over.

Secret Enemies Appearance

In The Mercenaries Mode, secret enemies will randomly make an appearance. While they do not appear often and are difficult to defeat, they will award you with a significant amount of points.

About Combos

Defeating multiple enemies in succession will result in a combo, which awards you with more points. Go for longer combos to score as many points as possible.
Destroy an extended combo bonus object to further increase the amount of points awarded for combos.

About Time

There are certain ways to increase your time.
・Destroy a time bonus object = +30 to +90 seconds
・Defeat an enemy with physical combat (Including knives, melee, or baton) =+5 seconds
・Use a special attack to defeat an enemy (Finishing blow) =+7 seconds
・Use a counter attack to defeat an enemy =+10 seconds

Mode-Exclusive Skills

Within Skill Settings in The Mercenaries, you can purchase and equip skills that are exclusive to this mode.

Examples of Mode-Specific Skills
Time Bonus +: Increases time awarded by a Time Bonus.
Second Wind: Increases power to firearms and melee attacks when life gauge is low.
Limit Breaker: Increases the points earned for surpassing 50-chain combos.


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